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More about Jean Polino and Dr. Jennifer Walsh

Jean is a retired educator who has been studying and living this way of life since the Fall of 2017. She has been an Admin in the IDM facebook group, The Obesity Code Network, for the past year. Jean has been successful in reversing my diabetes, bringing all of her labs into normal range, and the added benefit is losing fat! She is looking forward to spreading the word in her community!

Jennifer is a physician board certified in Internal Medicine. She has been in practice as a hospitalist in the Buffalo, NY area for 19 years. She ventured into the realm of LCHF/IF after stumbling upon The Obesity Code. She was so impressed with Dr. Fung’s methods that she decided to train at the IDM clinic back in January and July of 2017. She’s brought what she learned to thousands in the Western New York area by way of Metabolic & Dietary Solutions.

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