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This week, Dr. Fung talks about Controlling Hunger (Part 1)

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What is the optimal fasting schedule?

Coach Nadia Pataguana tackled that in her most recent video.
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Bro, are you low-carb?

New diabetes event takes the low-carb perspective
Bro, Sweden will host a new event this coming June. diabetes. is billed as the world’s first event dedicated to all types of diabetes from a low-carb perspective. It will offer key knowledge that aims to revolutionize your life if you are living with diabetes – with insights from world-renowned experts, including valuable hands-on ideas you can immediately incorporate into your care.

Organizers say one of their goals is to create a dialogue that will bring the world of diabetes care forward into the 21st century.

diabetes. takes place in Bro from June 19 to 23. For more information, visit here.

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Coach Andrea Lombardi on Going on Vacation

I hear this from my clients often: “Andrea, I’m going on vacation so just know that next time I call in, my weight and blood sugars will be back up.”

andrea-lombardiMy name is Andrea Lombardi, and I am a former carb addict! I used to share this same mentality as my clients, viewing vacations as opportunities to leap off the proverbial wagon.

Almost five years later, having adopted a low-carb, healthy fat lifestyle, I no longer suffer from “vacation = fall off the wagon syndrome.” What are my secrets? Read on!

So, I just came back from vacation recently, and I had a wonderful time, as many northerners do when they head south for some sun and surf.

Tip #1: Shift the way you think about vacations.
For me, vacations are a time to relax, regenerate and practice self-love. Part of this is continuing to nourish my body and give it what it wants: good quality food, not foods that will make me feel bloated, sap me of energy and give me acid reflux. (White flour does this to me, without fail, within an hour of eating.)

Tip #2: View eating low-carb as a way of life, not a diet, otherwise you will think you can take a vacation from it.
When something becomes a way of life, you don’t take a vacation from it. You wouldn’t take a vacation from brushing your teeth, right?! Maybe you skip one night when you’re really tired, or perhaps you forget once in a blue moon. But, you don’t say the next morning, “Oh, I forgot to brush my teeth last night. Why not keep going and not brush them again today?” Why should eating healthy be any different?

Tip #3: be prepared, and ask for what you need.
Don’t be afraid to ask for things and advocate for what you need! When on vacation recently, I had to approach a manager to obtain cream for my coffee. All they had was milk and Coffee Mate! The manager was all too happy to get some cream from the pastry chefs, and provided me with a whole carton! I brought this back to my room, put it in my mini fridge and carried it around with me all week to breakfast or whenever I wanted a coffee.

Bring your favourite portable foods with you on vacation, so that you: 1) don’t feel deprived, and 2) are not tempted to partake in sugary carbs. When on vacation recently, I brought all my favourite dark chocolate bars and enjoyed some after each dinner.

Tip #4: Strategically plan any sugar consumption and keep it “lowish” carb.
We had planned our recent vacation around my birthday, and on my birthday after dinner, I did enjoy some crème brule. I did this after a very hearty meal where good quality fats and proteins were consumed, to help temper my blood sugar response. If you plan to have dessert (the key word here is plan), ensure you do so AFTER a good quality meal, and opt for desserts that do not combine both white flour and sugar. Lower carb options include: crème brule, ice cream, flourless chocolate cake and plain vanilla cheesecake (skip the sugary toppings). Obviously, if you cannot tolerate anything sweet because it will set you off on a downward spiral, by all means, stay away from it!

Tip #5: remember that time-restricted eating is your friend.
Spend your glorious vacation enjoying the company of your travel companions, or doing fun activities rather than at the buffet table. Eat two hearty meals within an eight hour window. Don’t feel like you have to consume three meals and multiple snacks just because it’s all included. Remember, you are there to practice self-love, so be good to your body and enjoy your vacation by feeling your best!

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Coach John Clary will be chatting live on FB Thursday at 6 pm EST.

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From Lent to Ramadan, what religious fasts mean.

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