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This week from Dr. Fung: “Thin Women make more Money”

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A landmark moment!

American Diabetes Association turns to low-carb

‪The American Diabetes Association has reached a consensus recommendation that, for those with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes ‬(that’s one in three Americans), low carb is the best option for improving glucose control.

Check this post from Dr. Aseem Malhotra:

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Supplementing with Potassium

Coach Rachel Primo outlines what you need to know!

Rachel PrimoWe get a lot of questions about what vitamins people should take while fasting, especially when it comes to potassium.

Some people like to over-supplement, thinking that more of a good thing must be even better for you. However, in certain situations, this “more is good” theory can actually be dangerous to your health. You should always get lab tests done and speak to your primary care physician if you’re unsure of the potassium levels in your blood, and whether potassium supplementation is safe for you.

One thing I saw quite often while working in a nephrology clinic over 12 years was that there are some conditions (such as kidney failure), which can cause hyperkalemia (too much potassium in the blood), because the kidneys are not working properly and cannot remove it from the body.

Certain medications can also cause hyperkalemia, such as blood pressure medications, anti-inflammatories, some chemotherapy drugs and blood thinners, to name just a few.

Symptoms of hyperkalemia include abnormal heart rhythm, slow heart rate, tingling, chest pain and weakness. If left untreated, it can cause heart failure and even death.

Due to these dangers, the IDM team does not instruct anyone to take any potassium supplements unless we’ve seen your lab results and know your prior history. Even then, you always need to make sure you check with your own physician and get regular lab work done.

So, get educated and speak with your physician to make sure that taking potassium supplementation is safe for you!

What’s the optimal fasting schedule?

Coach Nadia Pateguana recently tackled that in a members-only Q&A.
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Megan was in the Food Med blog

“Fasting: Quick ways to get rid of unwanted side effects.”

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From the Medical News Bulletin:

“Benefits of fasting include anti-aging effects, study finds”

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From Psychology Today:

“What Is Intermittent Fasting, and Will It Help Your Sleep?”

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