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Rewind: The Fed and the Fasted State

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Dairy and good bone health

Coach Nadia Pateguana tackled that in her most recent video.
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Healthy eating with Spirulina

An easy add with plenty of benefits

Spirulina is something most should consider supplementing with, as it has been shown to:

improve exercise performance
reduce damage from consuming vegetable oils and sugar
reduce blood pressure
improve insulin sensitivity
reduce waist circumference
Spirulina is also a very good source of vitamins and minerals, protein and also carotenoids including zeaxanthin, which is good for eye health and chlorophyll.

Want to learn more? Check out The Longevity Solution here, the newest book from Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio – now available at Amazon.


truLOCAL discount code for the IDM community.

Sometimes, we just want to flag things for the IDM community that we like. One of those things we’ve come across recently is truLOCAL.

truLOCAL is a Canadian company that connects consumers to local farms, giving them access to high-quality meat and fish products that are often hard to access otherwise. truLOCAL lets you shop online, with delivery to your door if you’re in one of their distribution areas.

The IDM community can get $25 off truLOCAL orders by using the code IDM25. And, you get all the savings – we’re not taking any percentage of sales, or being paid for the sponsorship. We just want you to eat better.

Want to learn more about truLOCAL? Visit here  or

Don’t miss it!

Coach John Clary will be doing a live Q&A on Thursday at 6 pm EST.

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The Ketogenic Diet May Help Stop Seizures.

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Health at work

How the workplace complicates our relationship with food.

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