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Rewind: Fasting Physiology

Dr. Fung looks at what happens to our body when we eat nothing.

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Meal timing during 2MAD

LarryIn the member’s area, coach Larry Diamond looks to how long you should wait between meals while eating 2MAD.

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Up your Keto game

Latest Keto-Retreat announced
Ottawa, Canada will host another Keto-Retreat on September 21. With great info, speakers and exhibitors, it’s the ideal place to explore all things Keto.

IDM veteran Andrea Lombardi will be a featured speaker, along with Dr. Eric Westman (past President of the Obesity Medicine Association and a Fellow of the Obesity Society); Dr. Robert Cywes (specialist in Pediatric and Adult obesity, diabetes and metabolic management); educator, researcher and health consultant Sally K. Norton; certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Amy Berger; as well as Keto-Retreats organizer Wendy Moore.

The event takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport. For more details, visit

Coach’s Notes: Learning the keys to maintenance

Getting there requires a different approach than staying there, says IDM’s Nadia Brito Pateguana

Eventually, at some point in their journey, almost everyone wonders what maintenance will look like.

Whether you’re still trying to lose weight, lower blood sugars or maintain your achievements, you’re still on your journey, for as long as you live. That’s why intermittent fasting, combined with whole foods, cannot be a temporary “diet.” It has to be a sustainable, flexible and enjoyable way of life.

The approaches for losing versus maintaining weight are slightly different. Same goes for blood sugars and everything else. Most people in our community are familiar with IDM’s weight loss protocol. And often the question is: “Will I continue to do ADF when I reach my goal?”

Dr. Fung’s newest book The Longevity Solution may have caused some people to feel confused. But, if you look at the premise of this book, it’s not contradictory at all. The target audience for TLS book is not people trying to lose weight or reverse diabetes (those two topics are well-covered in our resources as well as The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code books). The Longevity Solution focuses on time-tested tools and evidence for health promotion, disease prevention and weight maintenance (not weight loss or disease reversal).

What does my maintenance approach look like?

I’ve been at the same weight (ideal weight) for four years. In fact, I lost an extra 1 kg last year, and this I will “blame” on my move to another continent and “inability” to exercise as much as I should (excuses, excuses…) Subsequently, and with the added age, I lost one kilo.

My goal over the next year is to GAIN one kilo of lean mass. I’ll do this by continuing my regular IF schedule and exercising in a fasted state. I normally eat 2MAD, most of my meals are by 6 pm (most often by 4 pm) and, two to four days per week, I do OMAD. I never eat 3MAD, and I NEVER snack. This was my big issue to begin with and what caused my health issues to uncontrollably cascade.

I would do OMAD every day if I wanted to, but I don’t. I like eating 2MAD most of the time. Also, I cycle protein and carbs. Some days I eat more, and some days I eat less.

Lastly, I prep to do an EF about once a month (sometimes I only manage a three-day EF every three months, and that’s ok). I do this for autophagy and longevity. I don’t do EF often, but my IF is very “clean”. I drink water ONLY between meals. I do have black coffee, but only with meals.

Looking to gain more muscle?

Texas Tech study finds intermittent fasting can be solution for losing weight, gaining muscle

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More evidence for IF

There\’s more evidence that fasting may make you healthier

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More than one benefit to fasting

Intermittent Fasting: More than just weight loss

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