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Dr. Fung on Health Yourself:

21st Century Diseases – Prevention is Key

In Toronto, the Scarborough Health Network has sponsored the creation of over a hundred educational videos for Type II Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease – including some from our very own Dr. Fung.

For free access to these videos, sign up at:

In this initial video, Dr. Fung talks about the importance of prevention when it comes to modern diseases.

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If I exercise and burn calories, am I also burning off carbs?

In the Member’s area, coach John Clary tackles this common question.

IDM Members

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Low Carb, Real Food Show launching this fall

If you’re in the Toronto area this fall, mark November 3 on your calendars. That’s the launch of the Low Carb, Real Food Show – a one-day event that intends to bring together the best food, beverages, ingredients and tools to support the low-carb, real-food movement. The key theme of the event is that, regardless of the diet you follow, the food you eat should be real and whole, minimally-processed and with a low glycemic impact. The goal is to give you the info you need to make the best choices.

There will be a number of sponsors and speakers, and IDM will definitely be there. The Low Carb, Real Food Show will be taking place at the Hilton/Toscana Conference Centre in Vaughan (a short drive north of the city). For more info as the event rolls out, visit

Coach’s Notes: Dining Out Low Carb

In the final part of the series, IDM’s Brenda Zorn turns to an expert for more advice on staying low-carb on the road

For the final installment of my dining out low-carb series, I turned to my friend Sharon Peters. She’s a former fine dining chef and currently an instructor at Texas Wesleyan University. She had so many tips for me, I made a big list! (She is brilliant.) Here are some of her best:

  • Vietnamese: Order Pho without noodles and bring a bag of your own shirataki noodles. (Purse noodles. Haha!)
  • Chinese: Ask for the Chinese broccoli (gai lan) to be steamed or sautéed in oil and garlic, no sauces please. Also, sautéed pea shoot tips, snow peas or water spinach. The roast pork is ok here, too.
  • French: Haricots verts – those skinny little green beans. They are low-carb.
  • Indian: Tandoori chicken is good to go. Many Indian sauces are cream-, stock- and yogurt-based. Saag Paneer, creamed spinach with fresh cheese, is low-carb and wonderful.
  • BBQ: Brisket, chicken, ribs with a dry rub, no sauce
  • Middle eastern: The standard salad with cucumber, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil and tomato cubes is perfect. Grilled meats and kebabs. Babaganoush – smoky eggplant with tahini and olive oil.
  • “Mexican” restaurants: Bring “purse chicharrones” for the guacamole, salsa and queso dips. Order fajitas, no tortillas.
  • A breakfast place is easy: Eggs, bacon and sausage. Beware pancake batter is not added to the scrambled eggs. Some places do this to add fluffiness.
  • Seafood restaurants: Shrimp cocktail, go light with the sauce for dipping. Seafood in general is very low-carb! I enjoyed scallops, lobster, clams, oysters and crab in New London Connecticut at KetoFest.
  • Order a charcuterie board. It consists of cured meats and cheeses. They are wonderful.
  • Deli’s: Smoked salmon, smoked whitefish, gravlax, cream cheese with lox.
  • Lastly, pay a corkage fee and bring your own low-carb wine.

See? I told you Sharon is brilliant.

And finally, from my great friend Tom Seest, who has been navigating dining-out Keto for many years and has lost over 200 pounds on his journey with the ketogenic diet and fasting:

“Assume they will mess everything up. Taste small samples first. The servers are busy and mistakes happen. Tip well and be polite, even when mistakes happen. The server isn’t always in control of the kitchen. You’re going to need to be patient to lose weight, and every occasion for eating out is an opportunity for you to learn patience with those who don’t understand the great food choices you’re making. There are no calories in kindness, so ladle that heavily at every opportunity.”

Enjoy your food. Enjoy your celebrations. Happy Feasting!

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