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Rewind: Fasting and Exercise

This week, Dr. Fung answers the question: “Is it possible to exercise while fasting?”


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Change the way you think

Healthy mindsets and self-nurturing are keys to good health

Over on Life in the Fasting Lane podcast, IDM coach Terri Lance and Eve Mayer look at regaining your health through Intermittent Fasting, a whole-person approach to healing, and the benefits of fasting retreats.

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Quick wins?

In the members community, coach John Clary asks: Is it possible to lose weight on a 24-hour fast?
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Alcohol and Spirits: Keeping it Low Carb!

It’s less about the alcohol than what you put in it, says coach Jeff McCann

In a previous note, we discussed navigating wine on a low-carb diet. In this note, I thought it would be helpful to discuss other areas of alcohol consumption. Specifically, brandy, gin, rum, whisky, scotch and other spirits.

Fans of hard alcohol will be happy to hear that the majority of these, on their own, are low/no carb. Although spirits don’t necessarily have as many health benefits as red wine, they are still a great alternative to other forms of carb-laden alcoholic drinks, like beer, ice wine and coolers. With a little ingenuity, they can even be incorporated into your diet without much increase (if any) in carbohydrates.

With all of these spirits, it’s important to read your labels. Avoid marketed mixed drinks that are almost always loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners and, instead, opt for made-at-home alternatives where you control the quantities and ingredients.

Heavy on the alcohol, distilled and flavoured with seeds, fruits, herbs and berries such as juniper, Gin actually does have a few things in its favour. Juniper berries have long been used as a topical antiseptic for helping to fight off infection, coughs and lung congestion. Gin is also great at reducing joint inflammation and aiding in digestion (when consumed in moderation after a meal). Substitute tonic for sparkling water for a refreshing zero-carb Gin and Soda!

During Prohibition in the 1920’s, whisky was imported and sold legally in pharmacies for use as a tonic. It contains many of the same antioxidants found in wine, which gives it some cancer-fighting properties. In a study published by the European Heart Journal, it was found that aged single malt whiskies provided the largest amount of concentrated antioxidants over non-aged or “new make” whiskies.

Brandy is also a low-carb spirit, although it does contain slightly more sugar than the other spirits we discussed. Courvoisier and Honey Bee come in at zero carbohydrates, while brands like McDowells, Martell and Hennessy contain anywhere from 0.3 grams to one gram of carbs.

I recommend incorporating these (in moderation) into your meal times, where research has shown they provide the most benefits. Replacing dessert with some charcuterie, a cheeseboard and a glass of your favourite scotch or rum is a great way to end a feast!

Body, heal thyself

IF could prevent pancreatic fat build-up and protect against type 2 diabetes

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New hope for MS patients

Intermittent Fasting for Multiple Sclerosis

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Er… trendy? Or just good sense.

A Pair of Trendy Diets Helped This Guy Lose More Than 60 Pounds

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