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Rewind: Practical Fasting Tips

This week, Dr. Fung offers some tips on fasting, including what you can take on fasting days.

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The benefits of bone broth fasting

LarryCoach Larry Diamond weighs in with his approach

One of my favorite types of fasting is a bone broth fast. It’s another great tool you can try out, and see if it benefits you as well.

I typically use it when I’m fasting for three to five days – sometimes during my 42- and 48-hour fasts as well. If you Google ‘bone broth fasting’ you’ll see most suggestions point to five or six cups. I usually have one to three cups, once or at most twice per day. If you’re fat-adapted, are used to fasting and have done salt-only fasts you can certainly check this out.

Why a bone broth fast?

Bone broth is one of the healthiest foods around, provided the bone broth is of high quality. We make our own or buy from a local or online source we trust. We often use the Pacific brand bone broth, as it has been vetted as ‘true bone broth,’ meaning they simmer it long enough to get the amino acids and other compounds that make bone broth healthy. When we make it at home, we use our InstaPot.

Bone broth is great for the liver. It’s high in glycine, which helps the liver’s detoxification pathway. We live in one of the most toxic times in human history from water, air, indoor, workplace, even household items. We store more of these toxins in our fat than our ancestors did. Some of these toxins are released during fasting. Having bone broth can help support the body when it is releasing stored toxins during a fast. Bone broth is also high in collagen, glucosamine, proline and glutamine. There are dozens of more compounds that are very healthy and the nutrients in bone broth are easily absorbed.

Our ancestors knew how healthy bone broth was. There was a lot of science behind ‘chicken soup can cure anything.’ And, in many cultures, bones were never thrown out. There was literally a bone broth simmering at all times for the family to partake in.

It’s also interesting that bone broth is not a complete protein, like a steak. So, it may not stop autophagy like having a complete protein would. However, at this time it’s still uncertain if it will stop autophagy for any particular individual. So, if your main goal is autophagy, then you may want to have other fasting styles as part of your approach. But certainly take a bone broth fast for a test drive and see how it works for you.

Want more resources on the benefits of bone broth? See more resources below!

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Should I get into ketosis or fast first?

Coach Andrea Lombardi considers your options

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Eat clean!

Ultra-processed food linked to early death

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What do the numbers really mean?

How Often Is B.M.I. Misleading?

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