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“Educate yourself… and make a commitment.”
Jean overcomes significant insulin resistance to regain control of her health.

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Is it safe to do a series of three- to five-day fasts back-to-back for a month?

BrendaCoach Brenda Zorn considers the options
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Fasting isn’t One Size Fits All

Coach John Clary weighs in with some sage advice

Sometimes, after people join our Facebook group or our IDM forums, they can be a little overwhelmed by all of the talk of fasting for 24 hours, 36 hours, 42 hours or more. For many of us, we had hardly skipped a meal before in our lives, so the thought of going for a day or longer without food can be daunting.

Remember that all of us were beginners at some point. We didn’t jump in and become fasting heroes from the beginning. We read and experimented, and learned how our bodies respond and how to handle challenges. Everyone is unique and we adapt with different schedules and protocols. It’s not a competition.

What works for some people is to begin by skipping one meal, perhaps your morning breakfast. By going without eating from dinner one evening to lunch the next day, you have a 16 to 18 hour fast accomplished and you were sleeping through most of it! If you feel good, consider skipping lunch and waiting until dinner to eat to give you a full 24 hour fast!

It can take a while to build up your fasting muscle. If you break your fast before you intended, don’t beat yourself up. You took a step in the right direction and there will be another day to fast again!

Get ready for Ketofest!

From Fasting Friday to Science Sunday, it’s a perfect chance to flex your keto muscle.

Imagine spending a weekend with hundreds of other low-carbers in a coastal New England town turned keto!

You’ll have that chance at Ketofest – the Food and Science Festival taking place next month (July 19 to 21) in New London, Connecticut. Within four blocks, you’ll have the chance to interact with world-class speakers, patronize local restaurants serving real keto dishes, enjoy grilled bacon cheeseburgers on low-carb buns, attend a pig roast (where you don’t have to worry about sugar in the sauce), learn how to cook your own keto dishes, attend talks on various keto-related topics, take fat-adapted fitness classes, and network with other ketogenic warriors.

So… there’s definitely some cool stuff to do and learn.

Best of all, IDM’s Megan Ramos will host ‘Fasting Friday,’ a free event where she and her team will share the latest clinical data from IDM patients, as well as recent science on fasting. There will also be food-free activities for those who are fasting.

Megan and Dr. Ken Berry will also speak – along with an impressive list of other experts – on Science Sunday. It’s a chance to learn about the latest research, science and stories from the thought leaders in the low-carb space.

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Everything you can (and can’t) eat while fasting

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Better for overall health

Intermittent fasting could help you lose weight — and stay healthy

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Another success story

How Keto and IF Helped This Guy Lose More Than 130 Pounds

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