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Dr. Fung discusses how Prevention is key‘ when it comes to the diseases of the 21st century.

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise at MAF

Coach Larry Diamond explains what the heck MAF is…

Growing up, I was known as ‘Cherry Diamond’ whenever we were required to do a six-minute run. I had asthma – running was painful and seemed impossible. When I started to heal with LCHF and fasting, my lungs and breathing got better. I was also dropping weight so running was becoming safer… What if I could jog?

I started very slowly on a couch-to-five-K program (C25K) using an app on my phone. I was around 260 lbs, so I went very slowly. It’s designed to be an eight-week program, but I repeated weeks. I also was jogging slowly at MAF…

Why MAF and what the heck is it? MAF stands for Maximum Aerobic Function. It’s an exercise pace where you’re below your aerobic threshold and only burning fat! Most joggers and runners think faster is better – the more I sweat, the more I lose. This turns out to be totally false.

When you exceed MAF, your body is forced to use glucose for fuel. While this can be from stored glucose or glycogen, it can also set up blood sugar swings, carb cravings and just general hunger. Many runners then over-eat to compensate for any burned glycogen during and/or after a run. Thanks to this, many dedicated runners never lose body fat for years or decades.

By running at or below MAF (generally 180 minus your age, so 130 beats per minute if you’re 50), you’re burning only fat as your fuel – especially if fat-adapted. I found I didn’t get hungry running at MAF. It felt like I got deeper into ketosis when jogging at MAF. It really helped my fat-loss journey and it may help yours, too!

Turns out, aerobic exercise can have some tremendous benefits for our health. New research is showing it’s one of the most effective ways to increase Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor, or BDNF. BDNF has been called ‘fertilizer’ of the brain. It can help keep our brains nimble and young as we age. Aerobic exercise can also lower depression.

By knowing about MAF you can jog or run, lose fat and get BDNF and mood benefits. Win-win.

You said it…

This week, Chris Carlson summed it up best on The Longevity Solution Facebook page.

“I’m still waiting for my book that I pre-ordered in January but that’s OK. I’m 71. Although I expect to be around for quite a while, I have absolutely no fear of death or dying. I don’t even care about longevity, but have a HUGE fear of not having quality of life in my final years. My parents lived to 94 and 88, were never smokers or drinkers, but their final years were just awful. I hope with all my heart, that I go before I lose my independence. I would dread being looked after. So, I’m doing everything in my power do all the right things.”

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Notes from Denver

The Low-Carb and IF communities meet in the Mile-High City.

Low Carb Denver 2019 wrapped on Sunday, having brought together IDM enthusiasts from all over the world – including, the US, Canada, Panama, South Africa, Australia, Portugal and Brazil, to name only a few.

IDM Educator Nadia Pateguana – who, along with Dr. Fung, gave a presentation on PCOS to almost 900 guests – says one of the things that really stood out for her was “realizing how much our extended community (Low-Carb and IF) has grown. It was the largest Low-Carb conference so far, with so much interest from people, in general, and more doctors, specifically!”

For her part, IDM Educator Andrea Lombardi says that a few notable moments stood out. “One thing I learned from Dr. Georgia Ede’s presentation was that, when tested in clinical trials, nutritional epidemiology is wrong at least 80% of the time,” she said. “I know epidemiological studies have a poor track record on clinical trials, but I didn’t realize it was this bad!”

Other notables for Lombardi: “Two things that I knew intuitively, but I had no references for, came from Dr. Sarah Hallberg’s presentation. The first was that quicker weight loss can result in quicker rebound weight gain; and the second was that the level of carb restriction matters! Lower carb intakes lead to more successful blood sugar stabilization and weight loss.”

Events like Denver offer both important information and a chance for the community to come together and share learning and experiences. So, be sure to check the IDM newsletter for great events coming up on the calendar.

Low Carb Denver 2019


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