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“It’s sort of ridiculous how quickly some people can get better.”

Dr. Fung recently spent an hour on the Diet Doctor video podcast, talking about the hows and whys of IF.

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We need nutrients!

Our food isn’t as healthy as it used to be

Overall our food is now 30% depleted in vitamins and minerals compared to just 100 years ago, and this will only get worse.

We need to start utilizing biodynamic farming methods and other traditional farming practices to bring the nutrients back to our food.

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Cooking: Harness the Power Of Simple

LarryIt doesn’t have to be all that hard, says IDM coach Larry Diamond

One of the most helpful elements in a successful health journey, when it comes to fasting and finding a diet that works for you, is learning to become a cook. 

It’s important, even if you have no family history of cooking. I come from a no-cook family. The only cooking in our household was done by me. As an adult, I repeated the pattern. At the start of our health journey, I’d say we were eating out, on average, four to five dinners a week. It was eating out creep.

We all have very little control when we’re eating out. Even at higher-end restaurants, it is virtually impossible to get food cooked in a healthy oil, and you have no control over ingredient quality, additives, etc. 

For instance, when is the last time you saw wild salmon instead of just salmon on a menu? Even at a high-end restaurant. Wild salmon is great for us, but farmed salmon is considered by many to be one of the most toxic foods on the planet. 

How empowering is cooking? You can cook your family wild salmon, easily, for much less than farmed salmon out. Now, that’s true empowerment.

Cooking is essential for a mid- and long-term successful health journey, IMO, and it’s a huge cost saver. 

What’s the key to becoming a cook, and even loving it? Keep it simple! 

And take the work out of it. When you break down our diet and cooking, it’s largely a quality protein, quality natural fat, some choice of low-carb vegetables, herbs and spices. By combining these in different ways, you have almost unlimited variation. 

We use slow-cookers quite a lot. They are fantastic for working families. You basically put a protein, veg and cooking liquid of choice into the slow cooker. Season to taste. Turn it on, and come back to a wonderful meal. Prep is 10 minutes or less. And, depending upon the size of the meat used and how big your family is, you can have meals for multiple days for your 10 minutes of work. 

Once you have the basics down of cooking meat and veg, you might find yourself getting into all kinds of cooking. (We have.) But our base is still meat and veg. 

Here’s my current method of cooking steak and broccoli, as an example. I use a stainless steel pan without any non-stick coating. (It’s naturally non-stick.) I use lard or extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or sometimes butter as my cooking fat. I season with salt and pepper. Get heat to medium-high before putting in steak. Then cook three mins a side for medium rare. I let the meat rest at least five mins before eating.

I either cook the veg at the same time, or sometimes after to get a deeper flavour. Then I might garnish the veg with Parmesan cheese. Have some olives with the meal – maybe a side salad with oil and vinegar or a natural fat-based dressing. A couple of squares of 85% plus dark chocolate to finish it off. 

It’s minimum work, less cost than a fast-food meal (even with a steak), very nutrient dense, and honestly, they have been some of the best steaks I ever eaten – much better than 95% of restaurant steaks I’ve had in my lifetime.

So, my keys are: 

1) Keep it simple

2) Use good ingredients 

3) Consider the use of a slow-cooker for busy families 

4) See it as empowerment to start and then it will likely become great fun

Happy fasting AND happy cooking and feasting everyone!

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