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New grandmother Glenda Perry finds her motivation – and loses 6 dress sizes.

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Andrea Lombardi speaks at CAPA

Event takes place October 25

IDM Coach Andrea Lombardi will be speaking at the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Annual Conference in Niagara Falls on October 25.

Amazing keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and other great learning opportunities are planned for #CAPA2019 in Niagara Falls. 

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How should people fast who want to reduce blood sugar, not weight?

Over in the Member’s area, coach Andrea Lombardi looks at refining your approach to blood sugar maintenance.

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No snacking doesn’t mean no dessert

LarryYou just have to do it sensibly, says IDM coach Larry Diamond

One of the most effective interventions that IDM has found is to incorporate the  habit of ‘no snacking.’ That doesn’t mean you can’t have desert on a healthy low-carb way of eating on your feasting days. But you should have it within your eating window for that day.

So, what are some healthy dessert ideas? IDM does not recommend the use of sweeteners. Although we recognize the use of them as transitional tools. These ideas are low-carb but not no-carb. 

The first one is dark chocolate of 85% or more. Dark chocolate is far from candy and the milk chocolate most of us grew up with. It’s filled with healthy natural fats, antioxidants, fibre and many healthy nutrients, including being one of the foods highest in magnesium. Many people discover a liking of dark chocolate similar to wines and cheeses. 

The carbohydrate count is modest and the blood glycemic impact is muted due to fats in the chocolate. You may have to work up to the 85% level, but it is doable. Many people end up enjoying the 90% to 100% range. The 100% chocolates are remarkably diverse as well, due to the sourcing of the cocoa and production methods.

Another great desert is berries and cream. Strawberries and blueberries are among the lowest carb of the higher carb fruits. They are high in fibre and polyphenols. 

If you’ve got a Costco membership, they sell a frozen bag of wild, organic blueberries for a great price. This has been my family’s go-to berry the past five years. We also have it with homemade whipped cream and often Ceylon cinnamon which can help the blood sugar response.

The three last healthy dessert ideas are full-fat yogurt, with or without berries and cinnamon. And, using a quality baking collagen for anything from healthy gummies to panna cotta. Collagen is very healthy. You can also look up ‘fat bombs’ with healthy ingredients. 

What all these deserts have in common are healthy fats. And they are much lower carb than the desserts we grew up with. However, you want to see how you respond. They should not be an everyday thing. (Although I do have dark chocolate on eating days quite regularly at maintenance.) And they should be consumed as part of a meal.

Fasting for HGH

Effective Ways To Boost Your Human Growth Hormone

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A healthier approach

Woman ditches slimming pills, drops weight through low-carb diet and IF

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It may help with menstrual symptoms

“Intermittent Fasting is the Only Thing That Stopped My Cramps”

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