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This week, Dr. Fung considers insulin resistance and the citric acid cycle.


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Good vs. Bad Fats

Fueling on fat keeps us full and gives us energy
When we’re eating a low-carbohydrate diet – such as LCHF or ketogenic – our main fuel is fat instead of glucose. It’s important that you feed yourself adequately. Fat should be eaten to satiety on these diets to provide energy and keep us full. Healthy fats are those found in meat and dairy and some plant oils, such as coconut, avocado, macadamia nut or olive oil.

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Addressing a low metabolism after a low-calorie diet

Dr. Fung weighs in on Diet Doctor.
How can you repair a low metabolism? Can you drink whey protein drinks when fasting? Is higher glucose levels normal on a strict carnivore diet? And, what is the difference between fasting and chronic undereating? Learn more over on Diet Doctor.

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Thinking about Fat Bombs

Considerate use can be beneficial, says coach John Clary
What is a fat bomb? A fat bomb can be something as simple as eating as a knob of butter or adding some fats to coffee or tea. More often, it’s a recipe made from some simple ingredients – like coconut oil and nuts for a savory fat bomb, or cocoa and sweetener for a dessert-like fat bomb. A multitude of recipes can be found by searching the internet.

When would a fat bomb be used? For a person eating a high, healthy fat diet, such as the ketogenic diet, a fat bomb might be helpful in keeping a favourable ratio of fats to proteins and carbohydrates.

And, for a person needing an aid to help extend their fast, a fat bomb often gives some satiation to get over the hunger hump. These might be good reasons why you would want to consider their use.

Conversely, if you are using fat bombs and not getting the results you want, it might be time to reconsider their use. So: Are you meeting your goals? Are you stalled? If you have body fat that you want to lose, it might be counterproductive to add a lot of extra dietary fat, especially between meals.

Also, consider that every time you eat something, you secrete insulin. Even though fat causes a smaller insulin release than protein or fat, there is still a release. For some people, using fat bombs may help perpetuate unwanted eating habits.

So, don’t be afraid of fat, but consider how they might be helping or hindering your progress.

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It will make a difference

5 signs you may benefit from fasting

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