IDM Round Up – April 26, 2019

#IDMsuccess Story:

Sandra Bender’s incredible weight loss journey. 

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Fasting & Supplements

Coach John Clary asks “What do I need to take to maintain my electrolytes?”

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A key building block!

Bananas aren’t the only source of potassium out there.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of potassium in your diet. It’s benefits include reduced risk of stroke and high blood pressure, as well as heart and kidney disorders. It’s great for addressing anxiety and stress. It also helps with strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolytic functions, and the nervous system. It’s vital.

Potassium is a missing mineral in the typical Western diet. How do you get your potassium each day?

Next issue – look for what you need to know about supplementing with potassium from Coach Rachel Primo!

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Jeff McCann did a live Q&A this week.
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There’s more!

Four new episodes of the ‘How to reverse type 2 diabetes video course with Dr. Jason Fung!’

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Intermittent Fasting Helped This Ex-Football Player Lose More Than 100 Pounds.

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