IDM Round Up – August 2, 2019

#IDMsuccess Story: “I no longer feel that I’m at war with my body.”

Maria shares her remarkable success story

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Take your fasting to the next level

Second Hawai’i retreat is fast approaching!

Time is running out to sign up for the second IDM retreat to the amazing Kailua Kona, Hawai’i!

Retreat guests will be guided through a four-day water fast in a spacious, private home, surrounded by the beauty of this incredible Pacific island. IDM Coach Terri Lance will be your guide – supporting and educating guests in this group fasting experience.

For all the info, please visit here.

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


Catch this?

Dr. Fung featured on Worlds Apart

Dr. Fung was recently interviewed on Worlds Apart with host Oksana Boyko. The video considers how fasting can be beneficial in weight loss and the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Have a look!

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Coach’s Notes: Logic vs Emotion in Decision Making

Terri Lance explains how emotion will trump logic if you let it

When faced with a decision about food – let’s say, whether to eat something off-plan or to stay committed to your health or weight goal – for so many people, emotion always wins out over logic.

Your logical mind might be telling you that you shouldn’t eat something because it’s filled with unhealthy ingredients, or that you’ve already eaten your meals for the day. But your emotional response may make you feel deprived and irritated because you know other people are eating it.

It’s usually emotion that prevails, and you’ll eat the food you shouldn’t be eating.

Some people try to combat this by layering on more logic, more threats, more punitive self-talk to ensure that logic wins. This often fails because the emotional drive subverts the logical mind.

I recommend another approach that many find effective in such situations.

Instead of trying to reason with yourself and your emotional response, why not focus your attention on changing the emotion?

Generally, most of us avoid negative emotion. So, the feeling of being deprived and irritated will naturally lead us to choose to eat the foods that will stop those emotions, ignoring our logical side. So, instead, why not look to the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction you had with the food choices you made during your last meal? Look for those positive emotions – the ones tied to accomplishment and satisfaction – and use them to support the logical side of your mind. Mission accomplished.

As with anything, this strategy will take practice. Most of us have had a lot of experience battling logic with emotion, and unfortunately, allowing ourselves to sit in a place where negative emotions get reinforced throughout our lives. Actively deciding which emotions we choose to give our attention to and allow to guide us may take some concerted effort, but the pay-off is that it can make a real difference in how we experience our lives, well beyond the effect on our decision making processes.


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