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Things I learned at Ketofest

Our coaches weigh in on what stood out for them

Last weekend, Ketofest took over New London, Connecticut – turning the New England town keto for three full days. It was a great chance to network and learn, and spend some time with like-minded people looking to live a healthy life.

So, we asked some of the IDM coaches who attended what they got out of the event. Here’s what they said they learned:

Brenda Zorn
1. That I do not need to eat all the full meals to feel I participated, or to feel like I did not miss out. I literally ate small tastes of much of the food, and though it was all ketogenic, I did not eat much of the time because I was not hungry. I am learning not to eat unless I’m hungry. I was a wonderfully freeing revelation that I did not have to feel I missed out.

2. Related to this, is the fact that in the absence of food-focus, I was able to spend more time and even have more energy for my friends and the participants.

3. And, finally, it was a joy to realize that I am no longer food-centric at events, and the most important focus was where it should be, on the community.

John Clary
1. High insulin levels affect healing and might be a contributor to a weight loss stall after initial weight loss. The body needs time to repair itself after a period of damage. Trust the process.

2. There is not a magic answer to dealing with food cravings. What helps many people is to recognize them as cravings and try to ignore them. Every time you say no, it gets easier to say it again the next time.

3. Don’t worry about social media and comparing yourself to other people. You are unique and you may adapt and progress at a different rate than others. You are a one-person experiment. This is not a competition.

Jeff McCann
1. I learned a lot by hearing about new cycles of autophagy and ways to improve your diet for autophagy from the incredible Dr. Nadir Ali.

2. There is very little difference between grass-fed and corn-fed ruminants, along with some great myth busting by the amazing (and very hilarious) Peter Ballerstedt, “The Sodfather”!

3. Spending time in an experimental kitchen with the amazing Chef Robert of RD86 taught me things about cooking and smoking that was entirely unexpected! I really valued that education!

Andrea Lombardi
1. Fasting reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (From fellow educator Brenda.)

2) The way we talk about fasting determines how we think about fasting – i.e. “I am hungry,” will make it more likely that I experience hunger. (From fellow educator Terri.)

3) We have five minutes to decide whether we are going to do something or not. (Also from fellow educator Terri.)


Take your fasting to the next level

Second Hawai’i retreat is fast approaching!

Time is running out to sign up for the second IDM retreat to the amazing Kailua Kona, Hawai’i!

Retreat guests will be guided through a four-day water fast in a spacious, private home, surrounded by the beauty of this incredible Pacific island. IDM Coach Terri Lance will be your guide – supporting and educating guests in this group fasting experience.

For all the info, please visit here.

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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Coach Terri Lance hosts a live Q&A in the Members section on Monday at 5:30 EST!

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