IDM Round Up – July 5, 2019

Rewind: Longer Fasting Regimens

Dr. Fung looks at fasting schedules that last longer than 24 hours.

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IDM has targeted new groups to help you fast and get healthy!

If you’re looking for targeted solutions for issues such as weight loss or diabetes, or more specific help with long-term fasting and behavioural change, IDM has new, focused groups for IDM Community Members and coaching clients. 

These sessions are free to IDM members, so be sure to take full advantage of them!

Log in to your membership dashboard and sign up to these weekly groups, which include: 

Monday: Intermittent Fasting with coach Larry Diamond, 10:00 am ET

Tuesday: Intermittent Fasting with Nadia Pateguana, 8:00 am ET

Wednesday: Diabetes with Andrea Lombardi, 2:00 pm ET

Wednesday: Weight loss with Jeff McCann, 5:00 pm ET

Thursday: Extended Fasting with Brenda Zorn, 11:00 am ET

Friday: Behavioural Change with Terri Lance, 5:30 pm ET

Saturday: Extended Fasting with John Clary, 10:00 am ET

Intermittent Fasting will focus on talking about different intermittent fasting protocols, generally ranging anywhere from 16 up to 48 hours of continuous fasting, two to three times a week.

Extended Fasting will look at extended fasting protocols, which need to be carefully considered and planned for. These can range anywhere from 48 hours to seven to 14 days for some individuals. (Talk to your doctor before you take on an extended fast.)

Diabetes will focus on different strategies to help with type II diabetes. This may include different fasting strategies and dietary changes. (You will need to follow-up with your physician about your diabetes medications if you are currently taking any.)

The weight loss group will focus on talking about different strategies to help with weight loss, including different fasting strategies and dietary changes.

The behavioural group will talk about different behavioural issues and how we can overcome the emotional and mental aspects of dieting and fasting.


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Enrich your LCHF diet with healthy fats

BrendaCoach Brenda Zorn offers tasty ways you can work fat into your diet

When we’re eating a low-carbohydrate diet, such as LCHF or ketogenic, our main fuel is fat instead of glucose. It’s important that you feed yourself adequately. Fat should be eaten to satiety on these diets to provide energy and keep us full. Healthy fats are those found in meat and dairy and some plant oils, such as coconut, avocado, macadamia nut or olive oil.

Also try ghee. Ghee is clarified butter and a favorite of mine. (I buy it by the half gallon.) You can easily make your own. It’s super delicious and can tolerate high heat. Do not use inflammatory seed oils like canola, corn, soybean, sunflower or even peanut oil. Those oils are associated with inflammation. Always use real dairy butter, never margarine.

Things I do personally to add fat: Add a tablespoon or two of EVOO or butter to any hot low-carb vegetable, such as green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels sprouts or greens. I love greens. I make creamed spinach by stirring in a generous amount of cream cheese. I make collard greens with ham hocks on a regular basis. I add butter to the collards when I eat them to “up the fat.” Use ranch, Caesar or bleu cheese dressing on salads or as a fresh vegetable dip. Olive oil dresses a salad nicely as well. Eat Alfredo sauce with chicken or even over shirataki noodles (found in the refrigerated produce section, two grams of carbohydrate per package) or just eat the Alfredo sauce with the meat without noodles. Learn how to make hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce and put it on meats or vegetables. You’ll soon be a sauce expert!

Buy a two-quart enclosed deep fryer and fill with beef tallow, or pork lard… non hydrogenated! (You can render it yourself by buying pork or beef fat from your butcher.) Deep fry Brussels sprouts, broccoli, pork rind breaded fish or chicken. Seek out butchers who will sell you steaks untrimmed. Put butter on steaks, eat chicken thighs with skin and pork steaks (very fatty). Use heavy cream, sour cream and mayonnaise. Make very fatty chicken or tuna salad with mayo, add onion and celery for more flavor and texture. Eat celery stuffed with nut butter (peanut or almond butters or others – but avoid cashew butter as it has a much higher carb content) or stuff with cream cheese.

I love pesto. I make pesto often. It can be put over any meats and even vegetables. I have used it as a dip. Pesto can be very rich and fatty, and it is easy to make. Just take any green that you enjoy or a combination of greens. I love basil, flat leaf parsley, cilantro or spinach as a pesto base. Put into a food processor with olive oil, parmesan cheese, fresh garlic and, if you like, a bit of lemon and salt and pepper. Traditional pesto has added pine nuts, but you can substitute walnuts, almonds or even hazelnuts.

If you miss mashed potatoes, add hot cooked cauliflower to your food processor and add brie cheese (rind removed), full-fat ricotta, cream cheese or sour cream. Blend with salt and white pepper. You’ll love it. I add butter on top when I eat these “faux” mashed potatoes. Scrambled eggs with heavy cream, cheese and butter can be very rich. Try soft boiled eggs hot with added butter.

Never limit bacon. Bacon is our spirit animal in this low-carb community. It would be difficult to eat too much bacon to where it was detrimental to our health! Bacon can be added to most dishes to make them even better. I even use bacon as a “chip” to dip into sour cream-based and cheese-based dips.

Try deviled eggs. Adding mayonnaise to the yolk mix makes a very rich satisfying protein source. Buy 80/20 (or even 73/27 if you can find it) ground beef. Eat cheese and add cheese to everything. Melt cheese on everything. Try brie. Brie cheese is very low carb and very fatty. Save bacon fat and stir fry green beans or cabbage and onions in it. Try new fatty cuts of meat, such as pork belly or lamb breast. Eat crab, shrimp, lobster, etc. dipped in butter. It’s zero carb. Sardines and olives are high in healthy fat, too.

Whip butter, MCT oil or HWC into coffee and have the fatty coffee, “bulletproof” coffee, with a meal. (If you use this fatty coffee, it is important to have it WITH a meal, otherwise it becomes a third meal!) If you are comfortable eating treats occasionally, whip heavy cream and add a flavour extract (try vanilla or cinnamon) and top with low carbohydrate berries such as raspberries or strawberries. This can make a rich fatty dessert mousse. To up the fat even more and make it even richer, whip in some cream cheese as well. It will then taste like cheesecake filling. (Have this directly after a meal, basically with the meal, so that you do not spike your insulin again.)

These are all things that I do with my own diet on a regular basis. Eat fat to satiety! Fat does not make us fat. Fat is fuel. You deserve to feel satiated and satisfied after a meal.

A little story: On November of 2018, I had a DEXA scan. My goal was to build more lean mass. For 90 days, I lifted heavy weights at the gym twice a week, which is my usual, but this time I really pushed it. During those 90 days I had a huge appetite and ate an enormous amount of fat. (To satiety but it was A LOT!) I expected to gain lean mass from the lifting. My focus was not fat loss at all. After 90 days, when I went in for the second DEXA, I found not only had I gained seven pounds of lean mass, but that I had lost 10 pounds of body fat. And I had been eating all that fat! I know, biologically, fat does not make us fat, but I had to prove it to myself once again, apparently.

Happy Feasting!


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