IDM Round Up – June 21, 2019

Special Guest Series

Dr. Ken Berry: How to Talk to your Doctor – Part IV

Dr. Ken Berry has spent the last decade battling the epidemics of obesity, insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Lies My Doctor Told Me, and hosts his own channel on YouTube –

Over five weeks, Dr. Berry is hosting a special guest series for members here on IDM: ‘How to Talk to your Doctor.’ Whether it’s a ketogenic or low-carb diet, many health care providers in the US, Canada and around the world just don’t understand this way of eating yet, nor the many associated health benefits.

So, don’t miss this series so you can get the knowledge you need to talk to your doctor!

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The Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners

BrendaCoach Brenda Zorn explains how ‘natural’ might not mean what you think it does

A common query we hear from IDM members and clients is: “What about artificial sweeteners? Can I use them? And, if so, which ones are safe?”

Sorry to break it to you, but the answer is likely that no artificial sweetener is wise to use at any time. Many are known to spike insulin, which can interfere with fat burning and even cause weight gain.

As time goes by in our community, more and more new types of artificial sweeteners are being released to the public, marketed as “natural” and touted as “not raising blood glucose.”

Let’s start with the first claim. What does “natural” actually mean? Is it a whole plant leaf ground-up with nothing added? Does this make it an uncomplicated choice to use?

I don’t think so. There were patients at our Toronto clinic who has a significant insulin spike with the use of stevia. Since this response could potentially happen to anybody, we do not recommend its use either.

The marketing might claim that it “does not raise blood glucose,” but OF COURSE they don’t. They don’t contain carbohydrate! It’s similar to the marketing at the height of the cholesterol scare. Cholesterol is only found in animal products, so when companies started adding claims on the labels of a processed plant product claiming “cholesterol free” I wanted to scream. Of course there was no cholesterol. It contained no animal products! It was a way to fool consumers into thinking the product was safe. 

Don’t be fooled this time. “Natural” is a scam.

A few more points: Artificial sweeteners may cause cravings and induce over-eating of sweet foods. They are synthetically manufactured to be non-nutritive, so they contain few or no calories. When we introduce the sweet taste, our bodies expect food energy (calories) along with the sweet taste. So rather than helping us consume less, interfering with our satisfaction signals cause us to crave even more sweet food!

There are many studies on the relationship between insulin release and sweet taste receptors. Perhaps this is the most compelling information of all. The sweet taste alone can raise insulin.

Think about that for a minute. That’s pretty powerful. In the end, do your research and you decide what’s best for you. Now you know where we stand at IDM. We want the best health for you. Using any and all artificial sweeteners may raise insulin. The sweet taste alone can cause an insulin response. So, IDM does not recommend the use of any sweeteners on a fast for this reason. If you use a sweetener on a fast, it could negate all your hard work and the whole purpose of the fast!

I always tell my clients that IDM can be summed up in two words: Lower Insulin. Everything we teach is to lower insulin. LCHF and Keto diets, fasting, time-restricted eating, meal timing and anything else that may raise insulin – and that includes artificial sweeteners.

Happy Fasting!



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