IDM Round Up – June 7, 2019

Launching the NEW IDM Program Focus Groups

The big news is that IDM has recently added an exciting new feature to the IDM Membership Community! But, first, let me recap what the Community already has to offer.

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Low Carb vs Keto for weight loss?

Getting into a ketogenic state is different for everyone, says coach Nadia Pateguana

A ketogenic diet is very likely a Low Carbohydrate Diet, but a Low Carb Diet may not necessarily be ketogenic. What does this mean?

Ketogenic means that a diet is getting you into the state of ketosis, a natural fat-burning state. A diet is only ketogenic (fat-burning) if it gets you into this state. In order to get into ketosis you have to be in a Carb-Restrictive (aka Low Carb) and/or fasting state. Some people can get into ketosis on a diet with <50 g carbs per day, but others can only get into ketosis by restricting their carbs to <20 g per day. In other words, you and I could be following the exact same diet and I may be in ketosis and losing weight, but you may not. This is likely due to how insulin resistant someone is. The more insulin resistant the person, the higher the insulin response to certain foods, which will lower his/her ketone production. Therefore, not every Low Carb diet is ketogenic FOR YOU. You may have to tweak and modify the diet you are following if your objective is to get into ketosis (fat-burning) and lose weight.

Here are some ways that you can make your diet more “ketogenic” (besides adjusting your carb intake):

  • Eat less often i.e. fast a little longer
  • Focus on main meals and avoid snacks (even if they are “low carb”)
  • Eat earlier
  • Avoid certain foods (as well as carbs) that might compromise your ketogenic state
  • Keep your protein moderate
  • Keep nuts and dairy moderate
  • Avoid sweeteners and flavoured drinks


Great summer recipes.

truLOCAL has great ideas if you’re looking for fresh food inspirations

Looking for a new weeknight meal? Check out this recipe from our friends at truLOCAL! Filled with fresh ingredients and vibrant colours, this easy-to-make salmon salad is the perfect summer meal!

PLUS, don’t forget to use our exclusive promotion code IDM25 to get $25 off your regular sized box of locally-sourced meat & fish!

truLOCAL is a Canadian company that connects consumers to local farms, giving them access to high-quality meat and fish products that are often hard to access otherwise. truLOCAL lets you shop online, with delivery to your door if you’re in one of their distribution areas.

Find the recipe here.


Last call for the June Group Fast

If you haven’t signed up yet – get on it now!

The IDM Membership Community Group Fast (ZornFast) begins Monday, June 10 and continues through Sunday, June 16 – but you don’t need to fast all seven days. You can choose any type of fast that suits you. Sign up on the Group Fast page and get ready!

Fasts are led by coach Brenda Zorn – who posts a video update each day, offering tips and tricks to help you get through. You can also connect with her and the rest of the IDM community on the IDM Forum, or post a comment or question after signing up for the fast on the Group Fast dashboard. Support and motivate each other. We’re in this together!

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Insulin and obesity

Experts on BBC radio insist insulin response is key to understanding obesity

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Eat better!

Here’s How Fasting Affects Your Gut Health

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What Actually Breaks A Fast? 5 Intermittent-Fasting Experts Weigh In

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