IDM Round Up – March 15, 2019

Lessons from Denver

Some key take-aways from Low Carb Denver

Low Carb Denver 2019 wrapped on Sunday, having brought together IDM enthusiasts from all over the world – including, the US, Canada, Panama, South Africa, Australia, Portugal and Brazil, to name only a few.

The IDM Educators were on hand, too. So, we polled them for a few of their key take-aways from the event.

Larry Diamond

  1. Caryn Zinn, all the way from New Zealand, showed how low-carb athletes are the metabolically flexible ones. She presented work that showed high-carb athletes were only able to burn glucose, while the low-carb, fat-adapted ones had access to both body fat and glucose. They also replenished their glycogen, or stored glucose, very quickly. Importantly, she noted athletes are not spared metabolic disease. Very much at risk if they are high-carb athletes.
  2. Lili Nichols showed how, during pregnancy and in the first month of life, pre-born and infants are in ketosis much of the time. Pregnant moms are also more likely to be in low-level ketosis. She showed how much better the outcomes are for mother and child eating a lower-carb diet compared to standard advised diet.
  3. It was wonderful to get to meet and hear the stories of the doctors who are part of the IDM Physician Network. All the doctors had healing stories of their own and they talked about how Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos were inspirations and sources of knowledge and support that helped them change their practices. They now successfully incorporate low carb/Keto and fasting with their patients.

Jeff McCann Jeff McCann

  1. Hearing my amazing colleague Nadia Pateguana has definitely inspired me to take a deeper dive into the world of PCOS.
  2. I also learned how the food that is being marketed to us is cleverly designed towards creating addictions and dependencies. Obviously, I’ve known this, but this week It was shown to me that these manufacturers are leveraging science to sell carb and sugar-rich food at a much higher level than I realized.
  3. Dr. Unwin gave us some great new insights into empathy in the coaching environment that I definitely plan to incorporate in my work as a Health Educator.

John Clary

  1. One key fact: Only about 12% of people are metabolically healthy.
  2. Since there is no essential requirement for carbohydrate, there is probably no requirement for fibre.
  3. The acronym GRIN holds the steps to behavior change: set Goals, identify Resources, make change in Increments, Notice improvements.

Bonus fact: The controversy over Keto Crotch doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Low Carb Denver 2019


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