IDM Round Up – May 17, 2019

#IDMsuccess Story: Life changes at 50

Now 160 pounds lighter, with an A1C of 4.4, John is finally free of the up-and-down diets.

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T2 Diabetes and Insulin

Dr. Fung answers questions over on the Diet Doctor.

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Exercise and Fasting

Coach Larry Diamond looks at what exercise regimen is compatible/recommended with the IDM Program?
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Time to sign up

IDM has targeted new groups to help you fast and get healthy!

If you’re looking for targeted solutions for issues such as weight loss or diabetes, or more specific help with long-term fasting and behavioural change, IDM has new, focused groups for IDM Community Members and coaching clients.

These sessions are free to IDM members, so be sure to take full advantage of them!

Log in to your membership dashboard and sign up to these weekly groups, which include:

Monday: Intermittent Fasting with coach Larry Diamond, 10:00 am ET
Tuesday: Intermittent Fasting with Nadia Pateguana, 8:00 am ET
Wednesday: Diabetes with Andrea Lombardi, 2:00 pm ET
Wednesday: Weight loss with Jeff McCann, 5:00 pm ET
Thursday: Extended Fasting with Brenda Zorn, 11:00 am ET
Friday: Behavoural Change with Terri Lance, 5:30 pm ET
Saturday: Extended Fasting with John Clary, 10:00 am ET

Intermittent Fasting will focus on talking about different intermittent fasting protocols, generally ranging anywhere from 16 up to 48 hours of continuous fasting, two to three times a week.

Extended Fasting will look at extended fasting protocols, which need to be carefully considered and planned for. These can range anywhere from 48 hours to seven to 14 days for some individuals. (Talk to your doctor before you take on an extended fast.)

Diabetes will focus on different strategies to help with type II diabetes. This may include different fasting strategies and dietary changes. (You will need to follow-up with your physician about your diabetes medications if you are currently taking any.)

The weight loss group will focus on talking about different strategies to help with weight
loss, including different fasting strategies and dietary changes.

The behavioural group will talk about different behavioural issues and how we can overcome the emotional and mental aspects of dieting and fasting.

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Don’t forget!!!

Dr. Ken Berry will be doing a live Q&A in the IDM Membership community May 21 at 4pm EST.

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Want A Fit & Rippling Physique Like Wolverine (Minus The Claws)?

Hugh Jackman turned to IF to prep for X-men.

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They’re getting it…

Intermittent fasting hailed by trainers, doctors as easy weight loss program that works.

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