IDM Round Up – May 3, 2019

A special video from Dr. Fung this week:

“The Roots of the Obesity Epidemic”

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More help on the way!

IDM launches targeted new groups to help you fast and get healthy!

If you’re looking for targeted solutions for issues such as weight loss or diabetes, or more specific help with long-term fasting and behavioural change, IDM is pleased to announce that we’re rolling out new, focused groups for IDM Community Members and coaching clients next week.

Starting on Monday, you’ll be able to login to your membership dashboard and sign up to new weekly groups, which include:

Monday: Intermittent Fasting with coach Larry Diamond, 10:00 am ET
Tuesday: Intermittent Fasting with Nadia Pateguana, 8:00 am ET
Wednesday: Diabetes with Andrea Lombardi, 2:00 pm ET
Wednesday: Weight loss with Jeff McCann, 5:00 pm ET
Thursday: Extended Fasting with Brenda Zorn, 11:00 am ET
Friday: Behavoural Change with Terri Lance, 5:30 pm ET
Saturday: Extended Fasting with John Clary, 10:00 am ET

Intermittent Fasting will focus on talking about different intermittent fasting protocols, generally ranging anywhere from 16 up to 48 hours of continuous fasting, two to three times a week.

Extended Fasting will look at extended fasting protocols, which need to be carefully considered and planned for. These can range anywhere from 48 hours to seven to 14 days for some individuals. (Talk to your doctor before you take on an extended fast.)

Diabetes will focus on different strategies to help with type II diabetes. This may include different fasting strategies and dietary changes. (You will need to follow-up with your physician about your diabetes medications if you are currently taking any.)

The weight loss group will focus on talking about different strategies to help with weight
loss, including different fasting strategies and dietary changes.

The behavioural group will talk about different behavioural issues and how we can overcome the emotional and mental aspects of dieting and fasting.


It’s easier with community support

Coach Brenda Zorn finds help in some of the most unlikely places

Brenda ZornHow do you gain support in our low-carb and fasting community? When I presented this question to friends, as often happens, I got different perspectives.

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of this community are the festivals and conferences. They’re often prefaced by “Low-Carb” or “Keto,” and they’re held all over the world! So far this year, I plan on attending at least five (and likely several more), each featuring speakers like our own Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos. There are many ways to search for these events, but you can start with and

Another excellent source of support are podcasts. There are many specific to fasting and low-carb diets. Currently, Jason and Megan are part of Low Carb MD, which you can find at (Their former podcast was The Obesity Code Podcast, with 25 episodes archived at There are many other podcasts we affiliate with, such as 2KetoDudes, Fasting Lane and Diet Doctor.

Of the five friends I asked, four said their number-one source of encouragement was supporting and teaching others – whether that be friends, family or coworkers. Which brings me to Meet-Up groups. Look for others who want to learn about and share your fasting/low-carb way of living. You can advertise locally to meet at a community venue, such as once monthly at a local library. I co-founded a keto Meet-Up group in Minnesota that has been active over a year now. We have organized a one-day festival called Keto MinneFest and quickly sold out all one hundred tickets. I will be one of several presenting Keto and fasting information there.

One of the most interesting community support ideas came from my brilliant friend, Tom. He has worked out a deal with a local Keto baker to make him low-carb cheese pizza crusts. He says most local businesses like to tout success, and will use the relationship with you to sell similar products to others: “I have this friend that buys several pizza crusts from me every month. I swear, the thing is made of nothing but cheese, and the guy is dropping weight like you wouldn’t believe.”

Thinking about it, I realized I’ve also done this myself, working out a deal with a local butcher to sell me rib eye steaks for $5 less per pound. He watches for the extra fatty primals and slices them into steaks for me, untrimmed.

If you’re really committed to permanently changing your life for the better, we need to support each other with our healthy lifestyle choices. Plus, it’s just a kind thing to do for yourself to connect with the support you need. The most successful ones are those who ask for help. Sometimes support can be from the most unlikely places in your community. All you have to do is ask.


Live from Denver!

Coach Nadia Pateguana and Dr. Fung on PCOS at Low Carb Denver.

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