IDM Round Up – May 31, 2019

Special Guest Series

Dr. Ken Berry: How to Talk to your Doctor – Part II

Dr. Ken Berry has spent the last decade battling the epidemics of obesity, insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Lies My Doctor Told Me, and hosts his own channel on YouTube –

Over five weeks, Dr. Berry will be hosting a special guest series for members here on IDM: ‘How to Talk to your Doctor.’ Whether it’s a ketogenic or low-carb diet, many health care providers in the US, Canada and around the world just don’t understand this way of eating yet, nor the many associated health benefits.

So, don’t miss this series so you can get the knowledge you need to talk to your doctor!


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The low-down on salt

Brenda ZornIDM Coach and ZornFast lead Brenda Zorn looks at losing and replacing sodium

Of all the issues our new clients experience, low sodium is number one. Low-carb diets and fasting are very diuretic. Each time we lose fluid in the form of sweat or urine, we lose sodium. To prevent our sodium from depleting too low, IDM recommends supplementation. The symptoms of low sodium can vary – everything from light-headedness, headache and fatigue.

The recommendation is 3,000 mg to 7,000 mg per day for low-carb dieting and fasting. (The high end for a marathon runner in the hot sun.) Everybody is different. You’ll have to experiment to see what works best for you.

To prevent our sodium level from becoming too low, measure out a teaspoon and a half of salt at the start of your day. That equates to 3,450 mg of sodium. Work on taking pinches of it throughout the day, your goal being to finish it by the end of the day. For most of my clients, this resolves any issues of low sodium and prevents recurrence.

The next question we are asked is which type of salt? Well, sodium is an element. No matter which form of salt you choose, you will be receiving the element sodium, which is critical for proper cell function. IDM has a few suggestions to receive extra trace minerals: Celtic Grey sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, or Real Salt are good. My favourite is kosher flaked salt. The Maldon salt company has a wonderful crunchy sea salt that is a favorite of Megan’s. They even carry a smoked one. Check it out!

A tip for you: buy a small single day pill box to store your salt in. They are small and fit perfectly in your pocket. There are many types available. I’ve started calling these pill boxes salt boxes. And what a point they make because, after all, we don’t need a pill box for prescription drugs any longer.


Time for a refresh!

Coach Nadia Pateguana talks about maximizing your potential for autophagy

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Ready for the June Group Fast?

This month’s fast starts Monday, June 10 – get on board!

The IDM Membership Community Group Fast (ZornFast) begins Monday, June 10 and continues through Sunday, June 16 – but you don’t need to fast all seven days. You can choose any type of fast that suits you. Sign up on the Group Fast page and get ready!

Fasts are led by coach Brenda Zorn – who posts a video update each day, offering tips and tricks to help you get through. You can also connect with her and the rest of the IDM community on the IDM Forum, or post a comment or question after signing up for the fast on the Group Fast dashboard. Support and motivate each other. We’re in this together!

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Megan live in the Forum

Megan Ramos will be live in the IDM Community Forum Monday, June 3 at 5:00 PM EST.


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Safe and easy

Intermittent fasting rising in popularity as weight loss plan

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In-depth research

James J DiNicolantonio and Mark McCarty consider fasting and the implications for the reversal of type 2 diabetes

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