IDM Round Up – October 11, 2019

Get ready for the holidays!

Megan RamosGet great tips from Megan Ramos during her focus group on Feasting Strategies

This weekend marks the return of Thanksgiving to the Great White North – a holiday that our American readers will soon be thinking about, too. Combine that with a few over-indulgences on Halloween candy and some end-of-year celebrations, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a whole bunch of feasting and over-indulging. But, have no fear! We’ve got some great advice for coping with all those holiday temptations.

Megan Ramos will be hosting a focus group for Members called ‘Holiday Feasting Strategies’ that will include valuable info about getting back on track after all those holidays, celebrations and slips.

It happens to us all – so prepare yourself with some useful strategies that will help you get back into the swing of things. Be sure to join her Tuesday, October 15 at 10 am EST in the Members area.

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Megan and Nadia live in Houston

Plus, an extended fast hosted by Brenda Zorn

If you’re able, be sure to join IDM’s own Megan Ramos and Nadia Pateguana at the Low Carb Houston Conference (October 24 to 26).

Taking place at the University of Houston-Clear Lake Bayou Theater, the event looks at how modern nutrition and sedentary behaviours have contributed to the pandemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers and dementia. Low Carb Houston is a not-for-profit conference devoted to objectively discussing and translating research evidence and clinical experience related to a low-carbohydrate high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle (ketogenic diet).

IDM coach Brenda Zorn will also be leading a three-day group fast with 10 of Dr. Nadir Ali’s patients during the event. Each day of the conference, around mid-day, Brenda will give a short presentation to everyone, sharing how the fasting is going. She’ll also be delving into some of the science and offering fasting tips. It’s a great opportunity to learn from one of the best extended fasting coaches around!

For more info, visit:


The Low Carb, Real Food Show launching this fall

Learn more about eating healthy and making good choices

If you’re in the Toronto area this fall, mark November 3 on your calendars. That’s the launch of the Low Carb, Real Food Show – a one-day event sponsored by IDM that intends to bring together the best food, beverages, ingredients and tools to support the low-carb, real-food movement.

The key theme of the event is that, regardless of the diet you follow, the food you eat should be real and whole, minimally-processed and with a low glycemic impact. The goal is to give you the info you need to make the best choices.

There will be a number of speakers, including IDM’s Megan Ramos. The Low Carb, Real Food Show will be taking place at the Hilton/Toscana Conference Centre in Vaughan (a short drive north of the city). For more info as the event rolls out, visit


Envisioning a long-term healthy lifestyle

It’s not just about longevity, notes coach Terri Lance

I can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the wealth of information readily available when it comes to envisioning a long-term healthy lifestyle.

It probably doesn’t take much time looking at the titles of many of the best-selling non-fiction books, social media groups, podcasts, blogs, etc. to have a sense that our health is much bigger than any one focal point. Instead, it becomes clear just how many daily decisions we each make that determine the trajectory of our health and well-being.

In making these decisions, I find it helpful to consider some concepts that keep surfacing in so much of what I read and listen to lately.

In many of the references to achieving a long term healthy lifestyle, there seems to be a current trend to describe four (sometimes five) pillars of health. As I read through these references, most of the authors (doctors, researchers and health coaches) tout some combination of these as vital when it comes to reaching your goals: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep, stress control and community.

Rather than focusing on any one, I’m striving to see the balancing of my days and weeks and whether I am attending to each, without narrowly paying attention to one at the cost of any of the others. I invite you to think about all your pillars of health, perhaps different than these commonly identified. What are the bases that hold you up and create a solid platform for your health?

Another term that I have been hearing and that helps me to envision my goals for a long term healthy lifestyle is going beyond the scope of my ‘Lifespan’ (i.e., how long I live) to focus more on my ‘Healthspan’ (i.e., how healthy I live).

Here’s to each of us and our Healthspan!


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