IDM Round Up – September 27, 2019

This week, Dr. Fung answers a ton of questions about Intermittent Fasting!

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Something big is coming to IDM

Don’t miss this important announcement!
Dr. Fung and Megan will be live in the members community on October 4 at 6:30 pm ET for an exciting announcement about the future of IDM.

You’re not going to want to miss it, so be sure to tune in!

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Want to spice up your fall?

Try this recipe for Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas!

Not ready to give up on summer yet? How about some warm, flavourful Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas for a meal this week? You can pretend your still someplace warm with the summer sun high overhead.

So, check out this recipe from our friends at truLOCAL! Filled with fresh ingredients and vibrant colours, this easy-to-make dish is the perfect fall meal!

PLUS, don’t forget to use our exclusive promotion code IDM25 to get $25 off your regular sized box of locally-sourced meat & fish!

truLOCAL is a Canadian company that connects consumers to local farms, giving them access to high-quality meat and fish products that are often hard to access otherwise. truLOCAL lets you shop online, with delivery to your door if you’re in one of their distribution areas.

Find the recipe here


Listen to your Circadian Rhythm

Pay attention to those internal clocks, says IDM coach Terri Lance

Most of us have heard references to the circadian clock or circadian rhythm, but many have never really stopped to think about how we can utilize this system when it comes to optimizing our health and weight – or how we may be interfering with these benefits.

Our bodies are tied to circadian clocks, which are naturally linked to the phases of the sun. Though there is a master circadian clock in the brain, there are also numerous clocks that exist peripherally in organs. The rhythm of hormonal changes created by these clocks affect our sleep-wake cycle, our hunger-satiety signaling and our neurotransmitter production. So, perhaps it’s a more important system than what many of us have given it credit for in the past.

One such circadian clock resides in the pancreas and plays a key role in regulating insulin secretion and managing blood sugar levels. A number of researchers have been encouraging individuals to consume their day’s intake of food between sunrise and eight hours after the sunrise, describing a specific pattern of the interplay of cortisol, insulin and leptin in efficiently using this food for energy and/or storing it for later use.

As many of us are becoming more aware, various demands and opportunities created in our modern lifestyle interfere with this cycle of natural eating times and signaling from the sun to our circadian clocks. We often work and interact in ways that foster later meal timing, artificial lights at all times of day and night, and little exposure to the cues from actual daylight and darkness.

I invite you to be curious about the role your circadian clocks play in your health and weight. Explore how changing your meal timing affects how you feel, your hunger and your weight. Allowing your body to receive more natural signally from the sun as far as your sleep-wake cycle, as well as absorption of a full spectrum of natural light for adequate neurotransmitter production can affect both your physical and mental health.


Interesting question…

How Do You Know Whether To Push Through A Fast Or Eat Something?

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Build better habits

It sounds extreme, but here’s how I learned to live on just one meal a day

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What about supplements?

Taking Supplements While Intermittent Fasting: Yea Or Nay?

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