Newsletter – February 14, 2020

Dr Fung returns to Low Carb MD!
Featured this week on the podcast and on Diet Doctor

It’s been (another) busy week for Dr. Fung here at TFM!

That included a return to the Low Carb MD podcast. This week, the episode focused on the importance of an open dialogue in the medical community, the necessity of letting the scientific method work unhindered by bias, and the negative effect of paid product endorsements in the medical profession (or any profession for that matter). Additionally, the podcast team discussed the many benefits of time-restricted eating and fasting. Be sure to tune in here.

Meanwhile, over on The Diet Doctor, Dr. Fung laid out a good introduction for those just getting started on their journey. Check out Intermittent Fasting for Beginners if you’re just getting started and you’d like some tips here.


The power of words
Coach Terri Lance on how you talk about yourself

The words we choose to describe ourselves are powerful, because one of the most common tools we use to guide our mind, and what we think and do, are those words. And here lies the rub… So many of us have developed habits of using words that are either negative or critical, leaving our brain with little option but to respond in a way that is consistent with those words.

When we tell ourselves that we’re unable to do things, we almost assure that our mind will perceive these as the limits to what it can do, or how much effort we should put into things. 

When we focus on past problematic behaviors or patterns, we limit our abilities to effectively change them. If someone labels themselves as lazy, their mind makes decisions to support that belief rather than to change it. 

Instead, if they identify that they have not achieved some past goals but are capable of doing what they commit to achieving, their mind is now filled with more positive thoughts and better decisions can flow from this. 

Most of us know this when it comes to encouraging loved ones or friends. We wouldn’t tell a close friend that, because they lost weight and gained it back before, they will definitely fail again this time. Yet, I hear this many times from community members as they begin their journey with fasting.

Because our mind works hard to match our reality to the words we use to describe ourselves, it’s imperative that we carefully choose those descriptions. Giving our mind a positive reframe of our challenges, or the times we have not been as successful, can create hope and confidence rather than reinforce negative self-perception. 

Seeing and experiencing ourselves as more successful requires that we talk about ourselves as people who are able to succeed.


PCOS Plan preview
Catch up on this weeks’ videos

TFM’s Nadia Brito Pateguana previewed chapters from her new book this week on  The Longevity Solution Facebook group. The PCOS Plan: Prevent and Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome through Diet and Fasting was written by Pateguana and Dr. Jason Fung, and will be released on April 14.

This past week’s videos concentrated on an introduction to PCOS, the role of hormones, both how to treat and how not to treat the affliction, as well as other topics.

Check out the videos here


Mark your Calendars
Lots of events coming up

Megan RamosTFM’s Megan Ramos will be live in the Member’s Community on Thursday, February 27 at 4 pm ET. Be sure to show up with your questions.

A few weeks later, TFM ambassador Kay Lynne Diamond will be hosting a local meet-up in Austin, Texas at Bull Creek District Park on March 14 from 2 to 4 pm ET.

Kay Lynne has been following a low carb, paleo way of life for close to six years. She started to incorporate intermittent and extended fasting about six months into her journey. Both her and husband, Larry Diamond, have experienced outstanding health gains. She is passionate about sharing her healing journey and being part of the growing Fasting Method community.

Kay Lynne’s Meetup


Next week in the community
Get motivated

In the TFM Book Club, we’ve got chapters seven through 10 of The Longevity Solution with special guest Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Host Larry Diamond will explore how fasting extends longevity, as well as some centuries old beverages and how modern science is discovering their healthy aging secrets. Finally, they will explore why salt and magnesium are so important for lifelong health.

When it comes to the Group Fast, it’s all about Eating Strategies. Coach Brenda Zorn will explain how proper nutrition includes both fasting and feeding. She’ll talk about optimal nutrition, healthy fats, ketogenic and LCHF diets, resources for recipes, and how to put simple easy meals together. It’s also all about satiety, avoiding stalls, proper refeeding between fasts, and much more.


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