Newsletter – January 10, 2020

#TFMsuccess Story: Leanne’s Journey

“I love the fact that I control food now and it no longer controls me.”

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Follow Eve’s Three-Day Fast
TFM’s Megan Ramos coaches Eve Mayer through a 72-hour fast to start the year

Eve Mayer kicked off the new year with a three-day fast, doing daily videos of her daily coaching sessions with Megan Ramos. The videos take you on a great journey, discussing topics such as troubled sleep, working out, steroid use, as well as feelings, emotions and how to break a fast.

The videos are hosted over on Eve’s blog – Life in the Fasting Lane. Be sure to check them out.

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4 steps to a happy (and healthy) New Year!
Coach John Clary offers advice for changing your bad food habits

Who’s got a resolution? Does it involve changing the way you eat? I’m often asked how to get started in making a change in diet, whether it be paleo, keto, carnivore, vegan or another. There are certain strategies I’ve used that may be helpful in changing to any style of eating.

1. Eliminate processed food
Making the switch to real whole foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself, no matter how you eat. Make your way through the pantry, the cupboard and the fridge and purge! Give away or discard the processed foods that are likely to be in the way of making progress.

2. Set yourself up for success
Now that you’ve cleaned up your kitchen, restock with foods that you will eat and will help you reach your goals. Consider keeping foods on hand that need little to no preparation so that you won’t be caught making a sub-optimal food choice in a moment of hunger.

3. Reconsider recipes
There are a lot of recipes around to recreate “healthier” versions of favorite foods – “keto bread,” “paleo cupcakes” and many others. These might work fine for some to help make a transition, but for many people they perpetuate bad eating habits. Not to say they don’t have a place, but consider if they are helping you meet your goals.

4. Food and socializing
Food is almost always part of any kind of celebration or get-together. Consider strategies to get through these situations and still remain on plan. Eat before you go. Eat protein and fat before carbs. Take a dish that adheres to your way of eating.

Stay the course. It takes time to develop new habits but it can be done. Stick to your plan. Every time you say no – or yes – it gets easier to make the same decision next time.

Happy New Year!


New Spa Day Announced!
Hosted by Megan Ramos and Andrea Lombardi

The latest TFM Fasting Retreat Spa Day with Megan Ramos and Andrea Lombardi has been announced for Friday, March 6. It will be a great time for a recharge, as winter is just beginning to wind down and spring is peeking over the horizon.

Beyond being a great excuse for a spa day, it’s also a chance to learn more about intermittent fasting and nutrition from TFM experts Megan Ramos (IDM/TFM co-founder) and Andrea Lombardi (TFM Coach). There will be presentations, individual spa treatments, a basic meditation session as well as handouts, recipes and door prizes.

The Fasting Retreat Spa Day takes place at Hockley Valley Resort and Spa in Mono, ON (near Orangeville and a 45 minute drive from Pearson Airport).

Spa Retreat


Dr. Fung Live in the Community
What would you like to know from Dr. Fung?

Next Tuesday (Jan. 14) at 4:15 pm (ET), Dr. Fung is hosting a live meet up in the membership community, and he would like to know your questions beforehand! If you have a question you’d like to ask, send an email to

Don’t forget to sign up!

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