Newsletter – January 17, 2020

What breaks a fast?

Dr. Fung weighs in on The Morning Show

Wondering what foods make or break your fast? Dr. Fung considered just that – and a few other important issues – this week on The Morning Show on Global News. Be sure to check it out.

Watch it here


Listen for the signals

Coach John Clary highlights the need to get back to listening to your body

Listen to your body. Intuitive Eating. Mindful Eating. What is that all about? What does it mean when someone says: “Listen to your body?”

My body signals were so messed up I did not understand the language anymore. Many of us have had years of overindulging in manufactured food. Foods that are designed to never let us become satisfied. Foods that kept on a glucose roller coaster, causing us to want to eat continuously. Foods that really aren’t food.

At The Fasting Method, we advocate that people to eat to satiety. Satiety, what’s that? It’s when we are able to listen to the stretch receptors in our stomach to know when we’ve had enough food. It’s feeling satisfaction from eating real whole food in real whole meals instead of manufactured foods that don’t bring satisfaction. It’s getting the nutrients our body needs instead of constantly eating junk to give the body what it wants – which will never come from a bag or box of garbage. 

It’s not definitive but you will know it when you get there. In time, you will probably feel good enough from not eating the “food-like substances” that you won’t want to go back to it.

It took a while for me to learn to listen to my body again. It’s one more of those things we mean when we say to trust the process. It will come.

I’d be glad to help you with this, as would any of our coaches.


Quick and easy recipe

Try this easy Chicken Stir-Fry!

Nutritious meals don’t have to be complicated! Check out this recipe from our friends at truLOCAL. Jam-packed with colourful veggies and lean chicken breast, this quick and simple recipe is ready in 30 minutes or less.

PLUS, don’t forget to use our exclusive promotion code IDM25 to get $25 off your regular sized box of locally-sourced meat & fish!

truLOCAL is a Canadian company that connects consumers to local farms, giving them access to high-quality meat and fish products that are often hard to access otherwise. truLOCAL lets you shop online, with delivery to your door if you’re in one of their distribution areas.

Try the recipe here!


On the road again…

Meet with John Clary and Brenda Zorn in February!

Two great TFM ambassadors will be on the road next month for meet-ups. The events are a great opportunity to gather and share fasting experiences with like-minded individuals and show how strong and supportive this community is.

John Clary will be at the Princess Anne Public Library in Virginia Beach, Virginia on February 15 from 11 am to 1 pm ET. That same day, Brenda Zorn will be at the Hopkins Public Library in Hopkins, Minnesota from 1:30 to 3:30 ET. 

For full details, be sure to visit, and watch this space for more great get-togethers.

Brenda’s meet-up
John’s meet-up



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