Newsletter – March 6, 2020

The Fasting Mindset with Dr. Terri Lance

Megan Ramos is joined by TFM Coach Dr. Terri Lance to discuss how changing your mindset can help change your health.

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#TFMSuccess: Marina’s Story

“I want to live the healthiest version of myself and I can, because it’s all in my own hands.”

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It’s here!

This week, TFM’s Megan Ramos celebrated the arrival of a box of preview copies of the new book, Life in the Fasting Lane:

I can’t believe this is real! I knew we wrote a book. I knew we had a great story and publisher at @harpercollins and @harper_wave. But it somehow seemed surreal until the moment I received an advanced copy from our editor the other day. Thank you to our amazing team who helped make this book a reality. It’s so crazy! @evemayermedia @drjasonfung

Life In The Fasting Lane – written by The Fasting Lane’s Eve Mayer, Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos – will be released in North America on April 7. If you’ve ever been curious about intermittent fasting, or fasting for weight loss and better health, it’s definitely a must-read.

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Travel Foods for a Road Trip

With March Break on the horizon, coach Larry Diamond tackles food to go

People still do road trips – especially around holidays. But they also take to the road for work. While these can be good days for fasting, they can also be good eating days – especially with a little planning. While I haven’t been on an airline in years that had anything good to eat, and very few stops and stores along the road have food that I want to eat, good food is not impossible to find. But, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to having good food on a road trip.

Here are some of my favourite road trips foods now for the real food low carb lifestyle I choose to live. 

Cold cuts and leftover meats. I’ve always enjoyed cold cuts and cold leftover meat. You can also cook bacon ahead of time. 

Cheese travels extremely well. Cheese is also very compact, as is meat. 

Olives, nuts, hard-boiled eggs can also be good choices. Jerky can be, but be aware of the carb and sugar content.

Be mindful of a few things: Nuts and cheese are two common foods for overeating. On a road trip, you often don’t get to move as much. So, use these mindfully. Hard-boiled eggs can be off-putting to people in confined spaces sometimes, too. Try to consume during a rest stop. 

Walk when you can. I try and be active at an airport. I’m always waking or at least standing before a flight, because I’m shortly going to be sitting for a while.

You can definitely have low-carb, healthy fat road trip food – and quite enjoyable food at that. Food that packs easily and can survive for a decent amount of time, especially in a cold pack. But be sure to plan ahead. 

Happy travels!


Simplifying Rather Than Stressing 

Coach Terri Lance stresses the importance of not catastrophizing your decisions

I’ve often listened to community members and clients express a lot of stress over a particular social event, trip or holiday. And, I know that what I’m about to share might seem like I’m not listening. I mean, these things are stressful, right? But, it’s all in how you look at it. 

Thanksgiving is a day. Happy hour is a couple of hours. Spring break or a cruise is a week. None of these can actually make or break your progress in weight loss unless you allow them to. 

A few hours, one meal, one day, a weekend or even a week do NOT possess the ability to derail you unless you choose to go off plan and stay there. You get to make choices about eating, what you eat, and fasting every step of the way!

I often hear people spending a lot of energy fretting about how they will handle these situations. And unfortunately, for many of us, the tension experienced as we work to control these decisions and plan and prep, gives them such a level of importance that the outcome becomes paramount to our success. And, if there is even a tiny chink in the amour of the plan, all feels lost. 

I would suggest that you allow yourself to enter into these potential eating experiences as just meals, without so much emphasis or fear.  They don’t have to be spectacular or perfect in nutritional balance or fit concisely into your macros. You’ll get to make another choice about eating again, or not eating, rather soon. 

Maybe trust yourself rather than dread that you will lose your resolve and completely backslide. This is affectionately referred to as ‘catastrophizing’ and can really interfere with your ability to envision positive results and instead make you feel defeated and hopeless. 

And, please, if you are aware that there are certain foods you are best to abstain from, do yourself a favour and come to peace with this empowering decision. Your physical and mental health are so worth making the positive decision to completely avoid something, regardless of the social situation or holiday festivities. 

But, stressing over how unfair it is that others will have that food or beverage and you won’t seems to send many down the path of rebelling and choosing the self-harm of indulging. The resulting challenges emotionally, mentally and physically are rarely worth it. 

Consider simplifying your upcoming social gatherings, holidays or vacations by stressing about them less, trusting yourself more and not catastrophizing your decisions.


Catch Megan on the Fasting for Freedom Summit

On Monday, March 9, Megan’s interview from Fasting for Freedom will be going live. It’s a free fasting summit for women! And all of the experts are females.

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Coming up at TFM!

A live meet-up with Kay Lynn Diamond, more in the TFM Book Club and the Group Fast looks at extended fasting

TFM ambassador Kay Lynne Diamond will be hosting a local meet-up in Austin, Texas at Bull Creek District Park on March 14 from 2 to 4 pm CST. Kay Lynne has been following a low-carb, paleo way of life for close to six years. She started to incorporate intermittent and extended fasting about six months into her journey. Both her and husband, Larry Diamond, have experienced outstanding health gains. She is passionate about sharing her healing journey and being part of the growing Fasting Method community.

Next week, Jeff McCann is the guest in the TFM Book Club. He and host Larry Diamond will be looking at The Complete Guide to Fasting chapters five to nine – examining how fasting can be used for many of our health goals.

Over in the Group Fast, meanwhile, host Brenda Zorn is looking at extended fasts. Once you’ve managed to skip an entire day of eating, you’re ready to try an advanced fast, such as the “50/50,” the back-to-back five day fast, or even a full seven-day fast.


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