It’s Your Healthier Lifestyle
Our Online Program

It’s Your Healthier Lifestyle

Intermittent fasting can help you
take back control of your health.

Our Clinically Proven Approach

Online Intermittent Fasting Program

1. Education

Learn how to incorporate intermittent fasting and healthy eating into your lifestyle.

  • Our clinically-developed Fasting Method Online Course on intermittent and extended fasting strategies.
  • Expert series on topics, such as fasting, different dietary approaches, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Supporting handouts and videos for getting started, troubleshooting, and maintaining your results.
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2. Community

Get support from fasting experts and connect with like-minded members.

  • Get answers to your questions in our community forum.
  • Join fasting challenges alongside your peers.
  • Connect with experts and community members for live discussions on topics related to fasting and nutrition in our Interactive Support Groups.
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3. Health Tracking

One of the best ways to develop new, healthy habits is to track your progress to see what strategies work best for you.

  • Use our fasting tracker to see your progress.
  • Monitor your glucose and ketone levels.
  • Track your macronutrients by keeping a food diary.
  • Connect your devices, such as your Oura Ring, FitBit and Apple Watch, and see all of your data in one place.
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How It Works

Intermittent Fasting for Better Health

MembershipMonthly Plan$39USD / MonthJoin Today
  • Free 7 Day Trial Included
  • The Fasting Method Course
  • Community Fasting Challenges
  • Live Online Support Meetings
  • Supporting Handouts and Videos
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MembershipAnnual Plan$390USD / YearJoin Today
  • 2 Months Free vs. Monthly Fee
  • Free 7 Day Trial Included
  • The Fasting Method Course
  • Community Fasting Challenges
  • Live Online Support Meetings
  • Supporting Handouts and Videos
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Clinically Developed Education For Fasting

The Fasting Method Course

Fasting ProtocolsLearn how to fast and match the right fasting strategy with your health goals.
Optimize Your NutritionEnhance your results by learning how to incorporate natural fats and eliminate processed foods from your diet.
Expert StrategiesFasting and eating tips to help you avoid and break through plateaus.
What Our Clients Are Saying...
Dolly KDolly K

“I started with The Fasting Method on May 1, 2017. After just six months on the program, I had lost 75 pounds and my fasting insulin had dropped to 4.3 micro IU/M and my fasting blood glucose was 75 mg/dl!”

Chris SChris S

“I literally owe my life (and thousands of dollars) to Dr. Fung and the The Fasting Method program. I can now look to the future and focus on continuing to improve my health, becoming a better athlete, and having a healthy relationship with food.””

Community Support

Join Over 11,000+ Members

Take Control of Your Health

Connect with community members and qualified fasting experts to get the support you need.

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HSA/FSA Credit Cards Accepted!

For HSA/FSA credit card holders in the United States:

Did you know you can use your HSA and FSA credit cards toward either The Fasting Method’s coaching or online program?

Obtain a note from your MD or nurse practitioner and submit it to your HSA/FSA provider for approval!

Email us if you run into any issues or have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Questions We Get Asked

  • Do you have a clinic close to me?

    We have evolved from our Toronto clinic to an online only program and now support members from all over the world.

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  • Do I need Facebook to become a member?

    No you do not. We are active on social media as a way to share what is happening at The Fasting Method with our followers, both members and non-members. As a subscription member, you have access to your account on our membership site through a secure login process.

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