Fasting Masterclass


Fasting is a great way to help shrink your waistline and improve your blood sugar levels without the use of medications, supplements, or surgeries. Our founder, Megan Ramos, will walk you through all of her top strategies over the next 14-days. We will provide you with daily lesson videos, an exclusive Fasting Circle to connect with Megan and other participants, and four live sessions with Megan to ask your questions about the course content.

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In This 14-Day Course You Will Receive

  • Fasting Strategies – The exact intermittent fasting strategies that Megan and Dr. Fung have used with over 5,000 patients and clients worldwide, to lose weight sustainably and reverse T2 diabetes.
  • Exclusive Circle – Exclusive access to a fasting circle where you will personally interact with Megan Ramos
  • Live Q&As – Live Q&A virtual sessions with Megan Ramos each week to ask her anything about your own journey
  • Our Online Program – Access to The Fasting Method online program for 1-month to complement your journey

Daily Lesson Syllabus

  • Day 1 – Fat Fasting
  • Day 2 – Importance of Mini Fasts
  • Day 3 – Fasting Fluids & Training Wheels
  • Day 4 – Electrolytes
  • Day 5 – Intermittent Fasting Strategies
  • Day 6 – OMAD and 30/16
  • Day 7 – 60/40 Rule
  • Day 8 – How to Break Your Fast
  • Day 9 – Top Tools for Success (Consistency, Mindful Eating, Mindset)
  • Day 10 – Troubleshooting
  • Day 11 – Introduction to Extended Fasting
  • Day 12 – Tracking Your Progress
  • Day 13 – Measuring Glucose & Ketones
  • Day 14 – Recovery Fasting
Before diving in, please keep in mind that this Masterclass is not for everyone. It is only for adults who are overweight, or have obesity or T2 diabetes, AND are serious about taking charge of their health in 2021.

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