Beef Short Ribs with Star Anise & Szechuan Pepper
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Beef Short Ribs with Star Anise & Szechuan Pepper

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About This Recipe

Get out your slow-cookers and pressure-cookers for this recipe. No matter which cooking method you use, sear the short ribs for a deeper flavor, then braise them slowly to achieve tender beef ribs perfumed with Szechuan pepper, star anise, and cardamom.

Beef Short Ribs with Star Anise & Szechuan Pepper
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  • Prep: 25 m
  • Cook: 3 h 30 m
  • Total: 3 h 55 m
  • Servings:


  • 3 inch ginger whole piece
  • ½ lb shiitake mushrooms
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • lb beef short rib
  • 2 star ainse whole
  • 1 tbsp Szechuan pepper ground
  • 1 tsp cardamom ground
  • 1 tbsp tamari
  • 2 cups beef stock or beef broth
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Assemble, prepare, and measure ingredients. Chop onions. Grate ginger. Slice mushrooms. Slice garlic. Preheat oven to 275°F/135°C.
  2. Warm 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a cast iron or enameledcast iron Dutch oven, or other oven-safe pan with a lid, over medium-high heat. Season short ribs with salt and pepper and sear on all sides until deep brown, 15–20 minutes in total. Remove from pan and set aside, leaving residual oil in pan.
  3. Add onions, ginger, mushrooms, and garlic to hot oil in pan and sauté for 5–7 minutes, or until onions are translucent. Add star anise, Szechuan pepper, and cardamom. Cook for 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Return short ribs to pan. Stir in tamari and then add just enough beef stock to come up the sides of the meat but not to cover it (you may not need the full 2 cups/500 mL). Cover and braise in oven for 3½–4 hours, until meat is falling off the bone.
  4. Transfer ribs to a bowl, pull out and discard bones, and separate meat using two forks. Skim off and discard liquid fat from surface of braising liquid. Bring liquid to a boil over high heat for 8–10 minutes, or until it has thickened and is intensely flavorful. Remove star anise from sauce.
  5. Serve short ribs with some of their delicious sauce over top and extra on the side.
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