TFM Round Up – December 20, 2019

Changing it up for the Holidays
Coach Larry Diamond offers a few tips for those planning for holiday eating

Holiday seasons come along every year. They’re something most of us look forward to – a chance to connect and enjoy our time together.

And they can certainly be enjoyed even when you’re on a health journey that involves eating low-carb real-food and fasting. So, in case they are helpful, here are some of the strategies I’ve employed over the years.

I’m a Primal eater – which means I don’t have grains. My wife is as well. We plan ahead and find ways to do grain-free versions of all the dishes we’ve planned. There are also Keto versions of almost everything you can imagine. So, think ahead. Mashed cauliflower, for example, has been extremely well-received by non-low carb family members.

We concentrate on protein and fat first. In most Holiday celebrations, there is usually some (tasty) protein available. Filling up on protein and healthy fats first can be a very enjoyable technique. Then, depending upon your individual goals and preferences, having some real-food carbs as part of the meal is also something we do. But not as much as we would have had without the protein and fat to start.

There are also strategies that can help you minimize impacts of higher-than-usual carbs, help the body handle them better during the celebration, and recover after the celebration.

Have some apple cider vinegar or other vinegar 20 to 30 minutes before a meal or as the first course.

Do not have carb-heavy dishes to start the meal. Have them after protein/fat items to start.

Consider having the holiday meal as the only meal that day and doing some exercise prior to the meal. Have any desert reasonably close to meal time. Take a walk after the meal.

Most of all, enjoy. Any weight gain is likely mostly inflammation. Use fat-fasting and time-restricted eating to get back on track with IF or extended fasting. Our bodies are very resilient. You may not lose weight over the holiday season, but you can use the techniques above to keep on a health journey, mitigate any weight gain and to set yourself up for a great January.


Dr. Fung on medical conflict of interest
Medicine has become an industry, like any other

In this video, Dr. Fung turns his focus toward the many ways the foundations of evidence-based medicine have become corrupted by financial conflicts of interest.

The first conflicts of interest he highlights pertain to the corruption of doctors. Practicing physicians who accept gifts from Big Pharma are 225% to 335% more likely to prescribe drugs from the gift-giving company than those who do not, Fung explains.

Watch the video


New Spa Day Announced!
Hosted by Megan Ramos and Andrea Lombardi

The latest TFM Fasting Retreat Spa Day with Megan Ramos and Andrea Lombardi has been announced for Friday, March 6. It will be a great time for a recharge, as winter is just beginning to wind down and spring is peeking over the horizon.

Beyond being a great excuse for a spa day, it’s also a chance to learn more about intermittent fasting and nutrition from TFM experts Megan Ramos (IDM/TFM co-founder) and Andrea Lombardi (TFM Coach). There will be presentations, individual spa treatments, a basic meditation session as well as handouts, recipes and door prizes.

The Fasting Retreat Spa Day takes place at Hockley Valley Resort and Spa in Mono, ON (near Orangeville and a 45 minute drive from Pearson Airport).

Learn More


Looking for a last-minute gift?
Dr. Fung’s new cookbook is now available

Dr. Fung’s new book – The Obesity Code Cookbook: Recipes to Help You Manage Insulin, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Health – is now available!

The Obesity Code Cookbook makes it even easier to follow Dr. Fung’s weight-loss advice. Mouth-watering recipes—from slow-roasted pork shoulder to chia pudding and almond cake—showcase healthy fats, nutrient-dense foods, and low or no carbs. It’s an indispensable tool for home cooks looking to lower insulin, lose weight, manage diabetes, or simply lead a healthier, longer life.

Buy Now USA
Buy Now CAN


New Focus Groups for the new year!
Get all the info you need to succeed

More great TFM Focus Groups are kicking off in the new year. From food- and diet-driven themes to groups that address the specific needs of the genders, they’re a great opportunity to take a deep dive into specific areas of interest.

Visit the Focus Group section in the Member’s Area to get all the info and to sign up to take part!

Carnivore Basics, with Brenda Zorn (Wednesdays @ 4 pm ET)
Optimizing a Vegetarian Diet, with Andrea Lombardi Monday @ 3 pm ET)
Women and Fasting, with Nadia Pateguana (Wednesdays @ 9 am ET)
Men and Fasting, with John Clary (Tuesdays @ 6 pm ET)
Health Optimization, with Larry Diamond (‘Health Optimization’ every Thursday @ 6 pm ET, and ‘Exercise and Performance’, Wednesdays @ 6 pm ET)
Mindset and Paradigm Shifting, with Terri Lance (Mondays @ 6:30 pm ET)
Stress Management, with Jeff McCann (Tuesdays @ 5 pm ET)

TFM Focus Groups
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