TFM Round Up – December 6, 2019

Dr. Fung answers viewer questions

Over on Global News, Dr. Fung answers viewer questions about fasting and maintaining a healthy weight. Check it out!



Over in the Book Club…

Unlock The Diabetes Code

In the TFM Book Club this month, we’re delving into The Diabetes Code. We’ll kick things off with chapters one through four, with special guest Dr. Fung joining in on December 6 at 10:30 am ET.

In the book, Dr. Fung examines how diabetes became a modern epidemic. He delves into the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and the consequences of diabetes to the entire body. He then examines if there’s a relationship between diabetes and calories.

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Digestion and Extended Fasting

TFM coach John Clary talks… poop

Please excuse the indelicate language but there is a saying in the fasting community: Never trust a fart! This may not apply to everyone, but it does to many.

When you are on an extended fast, the body is doing a cleanse or detox. For most people, the food has left the body within a day or two. The digestive system slows but does not shut down completely when fasting. There are still normal physiological processes that occur and the body excretes dead cells, dead bacteria, mucus and other normal by-products of life.

Since there is no food to digest, there is no bulk and these eliminations may be watery and come with little notice. It’s normal. It will pass. Pun intended.

Giving the digestive system a break through fasting has been reported to relieve symptoms of various digestive issues. A study of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferers who were in a study using fasting therapy. The fasting group showed that seven out of 10 IBS symptoms were improved after a 10-day fast, compared to three of 10 for the control group who used conventional therapy. Less time digesting means less time in distress.

Further, fasting can help change gut microbes. Microbes are renewed and repopulated according to the body’s needs. An extended fast means a fresh start.


Check this out!

Fasting vs. Fasting Mimicking

Dr. Jason has a new video up in the Fasting FAQ section of the site: What is the difference between fasting and the fasting mimicking diet? You definitely want to check that out!

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Out and about!

Coming up next week, we’ve got an online meetup with Megan Ramos and Dr. Fung. Be sure to tune in in the member’s area on Tuesday December 10th at 4:00 pm ET.


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