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Fasting Basics: What to do if you are struggling to get through your fast?  Part 3

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Want to know the differences between fasting regimens?

Dr. Fung explains this in the FAQ section of the Members area. Check this out and many more videos from Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos

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Decide vs. Try

It’s time to own your decisions, says coach Terri Lance

As you practice behaviour change – as far as fasting, your way of eating and your meal timing are concerned – a huge piece of the internal work is to keep addressing your mindset. One way to strengthen your mindset and confidence is to catch yourself using words that might be less helpful, and replacing them with those that can empower significant changes.

There are many popular quotes you’ve probably used to encourage others that sound something like: ‘Try, try again…’ or ‘Just keep trying.’ The overall concept of ‘trying’ is timeless and useful when it comes to reminding us to not to give up just because something is challenging, takes a while to achieve or we did not succeed in this particular attempt. But, ‘trying’ can also undermine us at times.

This concept reminds me of one of my professors’ pet challenges to his classes. When we would say that we would ‘try’ to do something, he would place an object in front of us and ask us to try to pick it up. When we would inevitably pick up the pencil or piece of paper, he would quickly correct us: “I didn’t say to pick it up. I said try to pick it up.” His point was that there wasn’t really an action ‘of trying’ that resulted in the desired outcome.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. On health, nutrition, fasting, biohacking, motivation, psychology, spiritual practices and others. A concept I recently heard discussed in an episode really stood out to me, and I hope that sharing it with you can help you make a shift in your word choice that can lead to a bigger shift in confidence and behaviour change. Similar to my professor’s focus on the effect of the word try, the entrepreneur in the podcast episode shared their advice to others to ‘decide’ instead of ‘try.’ 

If this resonates with you, ‘decide’ what you are going to do rather than ‘trying’ to do it. And, when you repeat your plans with yourself and others, own the decision from a place of certainty versus tentativeness. 

When you frame your efforts as: “Today, I am going to try to fast for 24 hours,” you leave open a window of doubt that you can actually do it. 

But, when you say: “I decided that today I am fasting for 24 hours,” you assert the idea with more resolve and as a more determined outcome, not a chance result. 

My hope is that you can incorporate this way of thinking and talking about your efforts and feel stronger in your ability to succeed. If you decide to fast or eliminate sweeteners, for example, and you own this decision by stating it, you communicate more solidly your projected outcome, rather than implying that by trying you you may or may not succeed.


A quick and easy Chicken Wing recipe

Try these Honey Garlic Chicken Wings next game night

Wing night just got a whole lot yummier! Check out this recipe from our friends at truLOCAL! Sweet, sticky and full of flavour, these simple honey garlic chicken wings will become a dinner- and game-time staple!

PLUS, don’t forget to use our exclusive promotion code IDM25 to get $25 off your regular sized box of locally-sourced meat & fish!

truLOCAL is a Canadian company that connects consumers to local farms, giving them access to high-quality meat and fish products that are often hard to access otherwise. truLOCAL lets you shop online, with delivery to your door if you’re in one of their distribution areas.

Find the recipe here


Eat healthy

Are you getting the nutrients you need to succeed?

Check out this slide from Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s PowerPoint on “Needed nutrients.”

Overall, our food is now 30% depleted in vitamins and minerals compared to just 100 years ago and this will only get worse. We need to start utilizing biodynamic farming methods and other traditional farming practices to bring the nutrients back to our food.


Cook for better health!

Dr. Fung’s new cookbook is less than a month away

The release of Dr. Fung’s new book – The Obesity Code Cookbook: Recipes to Help You Manage Insulin, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Health – is two weeks away!

The Obesity Code Cookbook makes it even easier to follow Dr. Fung’s weight-loss advice. Mouth-watering recipes—from slow-roasted pork shoulder to chia pudding and almond cake—showcase healthy fats, nutrient-dense foods, and low or no carbs.

The Obesity Code Cookbook will be an indispensable tool for home cooks looking to lower insulin, lose weight, manage diabetes, or simply lead a healthier, longer life.

Pre-order at
Pre-order at


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