TFM Round Up – November 8, 2019

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Overcoming a lifetime of health challenges with fasting

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“Sometimes, people say a calorie is a calorie. That really misses how the human body actually works.”

Don’t miss Dr. Fung’s appearance on Worlds Apart, during which he talks about one of the most avoidable and reversible diseases of our times.


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Ambassador Network Meet-up

Coach John Clary will be hosting an Ambassador Network Meet-up in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 16 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, ET.

John isn’t just a coach, he also reversed his own type 2 diabetes and lost 160 pounds through fasting. He’s very enthusiastic about helping others achieve positive outcomes through food and fasting.

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Group Fast for November 11 to 15 – Intermittent Fasting Protocols

Next week, let’s challenge ourselves by learning both the 36-hour and 42-hour protocol, both of which involve eating every other day. Host Brenda Zorn will offer plenty of tips and tricks to help you manage a day without eating!

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Fasting and Euphoria

This week, coach Brenda Zorn addresses one of the least-explored facets of fasting.

Many who fast have had the good fortune of entering into a state of euphoria. I’m one of them and I talk about it often.

Depending on how often I’m fasting, I can enter into this state before my first fasted sleep. I usually experience the euphoria when I wake up, after sleeping through my first night fasted.

So, what does this euphoria feel like, and what causes it?

First, allow me to describe the euphoria as best I can. For those of you who have not yet experienced it, it’s a worthy goal to strive for. When I enter a state of fasting euphoria, I have such a state of well-being that I don’t want to break my fast. As a matter of fact, my two longest fasts – 10 days and nine days – were unplanned, and came about as a direct result of waking each morning feeling so fantastic I had no desire to break the fast. So, I kept going.

My euphoria is a combination of three things: increased energy, clear thinking and elevated emotions.

The clear thinking gives me the ability to hyper-focus, which I take advantage of by planning organizational projects during my fasts. I organize entire rooms, organize files and plan upcoming trips during a fast. I can always count on the clarity.

The increased energy is caused, in part, by naturally-occurring, increased adrenaline whilst fasting. As a result, I need, on average, two hours less sleep each night. (I normally need seven but, when fasting, five is sufficient.) Are you sleeping less on a fast? Ask yourself if you are truly fatigued with less sleep. Chances are, on a fast, less sleep is fine and you have plenty of energy.

Elevated emotions… Wow, do I experience these on a fast! The positive, hope-filled sense of invulnerability and confidence is addictive – in a good way. I make decisions about my greatest adventures (for example, several solo cross-country motorcycle trips) and plan my most ambitious projects during this time.

Mindfulness is also a very powerful benefit of fasting. I find I’m able to focus on activities and I’m liberated from constantly thinking about (and eating) food. Fasting gives me a liberating sense of control, which is another type of “fasting high.” Fasting is a kind of separation of our physical selves in order to tap into higher realms of meaning.

What is the euphoria caused by?

The subjective benefits to fasting, including mental clarity, are caused by the rise in ketones in the system. In a fasted state, you are living on ketones, an entirely different fuel than glucose. Fasting retrains our body to convert energy from fats which boosts our natural energy levels. Living on ketones means fatty acids are converted into acetoacetate and BHB (beta hydroxybutyric acid), which are natural and excellent metabolic fuels. In a bio-chemical sense, BHB is similar to GHB (an illegal street drug) and there are medical and research journal articles theorizing that this is the reason we have such powerful euphoria. Ketones are also a super-fuel for the brain.

In conclusion, fasting causes physiological sensitization. Cellular response increases. These feelings are positively attributed to ketosis (when you produce ketones). When I fast, I always experience a general sense of well-being. It’s the best part of my fasting experience. I become delighted with life and filled with a sense of purpose and desire for adventure. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve continued to fast regularly for nearly four years now.


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