IDM Round Up – July 19, 2019

Summertime Feasting and Fasting

You don’t have to deprive yourself, says coach John Clary.

Summertime is upon us and we’re well into the season of proms and picnics, weddings and graduations. So many of these occasions revolve around food and drink, and that’s ok. Celebratory times go along with celebratory food and drink. These are the times for feasting. But don’t forget there are times for fasting, too.

This is where some of us get into trouble – feasting too much. Too many times of indulgences and not saying ‘no.’ That’s not to say you need to deprive yourself. There just needs to be a balance. Balancing our feasting times with fasting times helps us meet and maintain our goals. An indulgence at a special occasion can be balanced by following it up with a fast.

Strategies for handling these special occasions include minimizing the amount of high sugar, high-carb food and drink in favour of real food options. Keeping your carbohydrate intake lower will make it easier to get back on the fasting wagon again. If appropriate, consider bringing an appetizer or dish to events that’s made of real food that you like and fits with your eating style. Or, think about having a meal before an event so you don’t overdo it because you’re too hungry.

Do enjoy your events and occasions. Enjoy the food and drink. But remember the reason you’re celebrating. The food and drink are part of the celebration, not the reason for the celebration!


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Measuring morning blood sugar

In the members community, coach John Clary weighs in on what’s considered normal for morning blood sugar readings.

IDM Members

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Time to sign up

IDM has targeted new groups to help you fast and get healthy!

If you’re looking for targeted solutions for issues such as weight loss or diabetes, or more specific help with long-term fasting and behavioural change, IDM has new, focused groups for IDM Community Members and coaching clients.

These sessions are free to IDM members, so be sure to take full advantage of them!

Log in to your membership dashboard and sign up to these weekly groups, which include:

Monday: Intermittent Fasting with coach Larry Diamond, 10:00 am ET
Tuesday: Intermittent Fasting with Nadia Pateguana, 8:00 am ET
Wednesday: Diabetes with Andrea Lombardi, 2:00 pm ET
Wednesday: Weight loss with Jeff McCann, 5:00 pm ET
Thursday: Extended Fasting with Brenda Zorn, 11:00 am ET
Friday: Behavioural Change with Terri Lance, 5:30 pm ET
Saturday: Extended Fasting with John Clary, 10:00 am ET

Intermittent Fasting will focus on talking about different intermittent fasting protocols, generally ranging anywhere from 16 up to 48 hours of continuous fasting, two to three times a week.

Extended Fasting will look at extended fasting protocols, which need to be carefully considered and planned for. These can range anywhere from 48 hours to seven to 14 days for some individuals. (Talk to your doctor before you take on an extended fast.)

Diabetes will focus on different strategies to help with type II diabetes. This may include different fasting strategies and dietary changes. (You will need to follow-up with your physician about your diabetes medications if you are currently taking any.)

The weight loss group will focus on talking about different strategies to help with weight
loss, including different fasting strategies and dietary changes.

The behavioural group will talk about different behavioural issues and how we can overcome the emotional and mental aspects of dieting and fasting.


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